Monthly Archives: September 2008

Cod and Conservatives

Asparagus, red shepherd pepper, and yellow zucchini with long grain and wild rice and cod in dill, lime, salt, and garlic. That’s it. Very simple, very easy.

Other than that, I’m really trying to wrap my head around how McCain is leading in the latest polls… I mean, it’s mind-boggling that Bush can have basically zero support, the country is heading toward ruin, and people are still seriously considering voting for not just “more of the same“, but worse — I mean, really, do you want an unstable moron who’s main claim to fame came from being bottom of his class and then crashing his plane over and over until he got tossed in a tiger cage? Someone who’s obsessed with saber rattling and risky gambling when a pile of other nations are ready to pounce? Real bright. Part of me thinks there’s some grand polling/voting conspiracy, but realistically I think people may be that dumb.

Here in Canada there’s a federal election coming up at about the same time and the Conservative party has been running ridiculous — and very creepy — ads of Stephen Harper talking about how much he loves his kids (the section that starts at 3:30 in this clip is an example of what they’re running). Not a word about his politics, which certainly echoes the US way of running politics. I hope that people up here don’t buy it, but I’m afraid they might. Personally I couldn’t care less what a politician does in their private life. I’m not electing them to do the right thing for their family, I’m electing them to do the right thing for the country.

We have a great NDP Candidate in our riding that I hope will be re-elected.

Juction Arts Fest

Right now in our neighborhood is the Junction Arts Fest, and since Nefarious absolutely loves street festivals we went up there for supper… Among other things, she caught a show by Toronto Aerial Dance, after which she got to take part in a quick workshop. She’s been asking me to sign her up for courses at Toronto School of Circus Arts (just to be clear these are two separate schools offering circus-related programs) and is even more sure after playing on the hoop and seeing this show and the busker festival a couple weeks ago — they have a kids aerial and acrobatics class that I think would be right up her alley… [picture by Caitlin]

Strange thing as I was walking through the crowd — a group of kids, maybe nine years old or so, came up to me and one of the kids asked me, “do you still have your eye tattoo? can I see it?”… So I showed him, and he was like, “see, I told you that you can tattoo your eye!” to all his friends, feeling quite vindicated it seems… I didn’t remember him but I’m assuming it must have been a kid that I saw in the park or something.

Along those lines, when I was at Morrissey’s Magic Shop the other day they had a pair of stuffed kissing pigs with magnets in the noses on the counter, so I was like “oh, let me show you something neat” to the guy at the counter, and I touched my finger to the pigs nose and had him follow me across the counter without me pushing him. The guy looked at me totally stunned until I told him about the magnet implant.

Admission: I might like playing with dolls.

I got Rock Band for my PS3 so now I’m able to make a character for myself… on the PS2 version you can’t do that, nor can you download songs. I spent all together too much time drawing tattoos on myself! And watching Nefarious play the drums is completely hilarious — it’s like watching Animal from the Muppets or something. My only complaint about Rock Band (versus Guitar Hero) is that it’s a bit too easy — although I guess now the challenge is finishing everything on expert with five stars, rather than just finishing…

Frog Hunting

Also in today’s park adventures, Nefarious caught three frogs (two full size ones and a little guy), each of which peed all over her hands. We walked through the forest and checked out all the puff balls and
mushrooms as well. It’s been a nice few days — school has started again, and since the pool at my building closed (summers only unfortunately until I get a membership at the pool across the street) we’ve been doing other things like rock climbing.

In “work” news, I’m quite happy with the layout on the re-release of the ModCon book, and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my hardcover copy, and I’ve got about 40 of the interviews for the new books in at least rough completed form, with about 60 more ongoing.

Blue Herons

Nefarious wanted to enter this month’s photo contest in chickaDEE so we went down to High Park where last time we’d been we saw a pair of extremely tame herons — we actually watched on catch a fish in front of us, from maybe five feet away. Anyway, all of these pictures were taken by her. She had a lot of fun sneaking up to get as close as she could for the photos, and then snapping wildly as they flew away.