Monthly Archives: January 2008

Edible Art

Since marzipan was on sale at the grocery store, and I have a cupboard full of food coloring, today’s project was making sculptures with the marzipan and then painting them… and then eating them!




The Origin of Water Snakes (2)


I’m not sure if it’s totally done yet, but it’s definitely almost done. As I mentioned in the first entry, this is a mix of standard acrylics and metallic paints as well, on a 24″x48″ canvas. I think next I’m going to finish off the turtle painting because my “real” work should finally be firing up again and I have months of catch-up to do which will make me quite swamped (which is a wonderful thing).

I took this picture outside in overcast weather so I think it’s quite accurate in terms of colour, but still it looks much better in person I think.


The Origin of Water Snakes

The starfish are painted with a mix of rubine red, iridescent silver, and micaceous iron oxide acrylics so it’s a sort of “unphotographable” painting… I haven’t decided yet how to progress in terms of colour scheme, and am currently flip-flopping between a bluish duotone and typical bright psychedelia. This painting is currently unspoken for if anyone reading this feels like making me an advance offer.


All rumors of my limitless wealth from the sale of paintings to gazillionaires aside, even though I am stretching my luck covering my basic bills this month, I picked up three wood panels today for a multi-frame painting that I’m planning of some critters playing catch (two critter panels and a ball panel)… although I still have to finish Cold Water Extraction, I figure I’ll do that quickie first.

Owl’s Adventure III (Updated)


Note: The original entry is after the break… You can see that since then I’ve repainted the owl’s eyes on Caitlin’s suggestion (“it’s dark in space so their pupils should be dilated” — true), added some white linework, and beefed up some of the outlines. Other than the frame, it may be done now. You can click the painting for a much higher resolution picture (warning: about half a meg) if you want.

I still don’t have the depth of color right; it’s much deeper and richer than this picture conveys… I really need to learn how to photograph my work properly.