Monthly Archives: June 2001

Wanna watch a suspension?

It's on the webcam

The webcam works!

Woo woo!


Remember those kegs from New Years? Well, I hadn't bothered to return them until today… So they handed me back my $200 deposit, and on the way home I went to Business Depot and picked up a cam. I'm setting it up to broadcast the back yard. So even if you're not here you'll be able to watch the fun.

I keep running into people from long ago… Today I ran into Farzhad (I'm sure I'm mangling that spelling) who I haven't seen in probably five years — although he said he'd been to my house here before, so who knows. Anyway, add one more person to that BBQ list!

Time to go find some cables.

Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernickel

Concept albumns, especially recent attempts at rock operas are notoriously bad. A while back I was given Carrot Boy the Beautiful, pretty much the worst thing I've ever put in my ears. Truly horrible stuff…

So I was a little nervous buying “Colnel Jeffrey Pupmpernickel: A Concept Album”, but got suckered in by the fact that some of the artwork was done by Jim Woodring and the fact that Guided By Voices, Macha, and some other folks I enjoy did tracks. Unfortunately, with the exception of an incredible track by The Black Heart Procession (click to listen) it's not the greatest. The Macha and GBV stuff is decent too, but unless you're willing to buy albums for a few tracks, don't bother…

The only good rock opera ever put out is FLAN.

Delorean for sale

(Yeah, it's been for sale for a while. Deloreans are a pain in the ass to sell.)

Asking $21,900 CDN ($14,400 US) OBO. This is a Canadian model Delorean, which means it's got a highspeed metric dash. Only about 100 of the metric ones were made, so if you want a rare one, this is it. Other than the main numbers being in KM, the speedometer goes up much higher. The mileage on mine is about 28k miles if I remember correctly, and it's in perfect shape. No dents, and the all-leather interior isn't cracked like most. It's all stock, with the exception of a microwave alarm system.

I am the second owner of the car and have had it now for about a year and a half. I'm selling it because I simply have too many cars and have no room for it. If it doesn't sell in the next three weeks my sister is going to be driving it — I've promised her a car one way or the other, so I will take trades. If you have a 1970s Vette or a quality musclecar of similar value, I'll strongly consider it (if you're in Canada, importing is a hassle).

In any case, the car is located in Toronto, Canada, but shipping can be arranged to anywhere in the world. For more information, contact Jeff at Autoforum.

Deloreans are easy to get parts for, quite reliable, drive well, and are pretty much the coolest car you can get for $15k US. It's cheaper than a Saturn!