Monthly Archives: September 2003

Raging to go!

OK, I've released the BME Personals into the wild. Let's hope it survives the night… What's the expression? If you love something, kill it. If it comes back to you, you own it forever. …Or something like that. Oh, and for those that are wondering, vampy is the current cover model.


So you've heard me talk here about what a good idea I think cattail whiskey is — cattails are more productive per acre than corn, and it's an idea that I don't think anyone has capitalized on yet.

Anyway, even though cattails used to be eaten very commonly in North America, I've never actually tried them before so I figured, hey, today is a good day to die, right? I realize they're not really “in season” right now, but I took a short walk and dug up a few roots.

As I understand it the leaves should be eaten pretty green, and the “flower” can either be eaten when it's young, or turned into flour once its dry… I was more interested in experimenting with the roots themselves, so I peeled them (using just the spongy part on the inside) and cooked them in garlic, peppers, and olive oil along with a few rougly chopped lower leaves.

The taste was great (but subtle), although the leaves were definitely too fibrous to eat as is; I don't know if steaming them or something might help. The roots were the gem of it though — prepared like this they tasted somewhere between a normal potato and a yam… Definitely something I'll try again, so if anyone has any experience cooking these sorts of things, please let me know your secrets.

Very clever

OK, whoever did this is pretty sharp. That's the sneakiest method ever! :-)

Phone interface

OK, this thing is really cool… If anyone else out there is toying with the notion of doing an online radio station, the JK Audio Inline Patch is the unit to get. I also have a much higher-end Genter unit, but this is better, and really simple to use.

It plugs inbetween the wall and the phone. On the back it has in and out jacks as both 1/8″ and XLR for feeding signals both to the phoneline and from the phoneline (so if you don't want to talk into the phone, you can use your computer's mic instead). The out signal can be a mixed mono signal, or you can send a stereo signal with each person on a different channel (ie. so if you're listening, I'd be in one speaker, and the person being interviewed would be in the other speaker). You can control the volume of each side of the conversation separately as well.

And yes, this means I start recording all my phonecalls. The quality is really good. I'm not getting any hum or background noise, and the separation is really clean.

Today in history

1996 The Nintendo 64 is released in the US, selling half a million systems on the first day.
1995 US troops indicted on child rape charges in Japan.
1992 Magic Johnson announces his (short-lived) comeback.
1989 Jeffrey Petkovich and Peter DeBernardi become the first people in history to go over the Canadian side of Niagara Falls (and survive)
1989 A.A. Busch Jr (of Busch Beer fame) died.
1988 UN peacekeeping forces win the Nobel Peace prize.
1988 The first shuttle mission after the Challenger disaster is launched successfully.
1984 Prince has the number one single, album, and movie all at once, the first artist to do so since the Beatles.
1983 US Congress invokes the War Powers Act for the first time ever (to keep US troops in Lebanon).
1982 Seven people killed by cyanide-laced Tylenol capsules.
1978 Pope John Paul I died.
1977 Muhammad Ali beats Ernie Shavers and claims the heavyweight crown in the most watched prize-fight in history. (Also, this fight was the first to be officiated by a woman).
1977 Salyut 6 (Soviet space station) launched.
1973 Soyuz 12 (experimental Russian flight) returns to Earth.
1973 BME's Shannon Larratt born in Victoria, BC.
1963 The Rolling Stones start their first tour, opening for Bo Diddley and The Everly Brothers.
1963 Les Claypool (of Primus) born.
1962 Canada launches its first orbiting satellite. Alouette 1 studies the ionosphere from 1000km up.
1957 Andrew Dice Clay (the “actor”) born.
1951 First color television broadcast of a football game.
1948 Bryant Gumble (the news host) born.
1943 Lech Walesa (Polish solidarity leader) born.
1940 First US merchant ship (the “Booker T Washington”) launched under a black captain (Hugh Mulzac).
1936 First use of radio in a US Presidential campaign.
1935 Jerry Lee Lewis (the musician) born.
1930 First Canadian football game played under lights, UBC vs. Hamilton.
1929 Bob Newhart (the actor) born.
1922 Canada declares that it is not automatically at war just because Britain is.
1901 Enrico Fermi (the physicist) is born.
1895 Louis Pasteur died.
1890 First pro-baseball game, in which NY beats Washington 4-2 in NYC.
1829 Scotland Yard formed in London, England.
1789 The United States officially establish a military.