Monthly Archives: June 2003

Tent installed

The tent is in place; it's nice and big and more than enough space for the bands to play, and it'll provide a little shelter. Since a pile of non-BME fools have been threatening to crash the BBQ, I should note that we'll be grabbing some nametags for people to put their IAM name on. If there are large groups of non-IAM members, they'll be checked out of course since that's about the last thing we want.

The whole point is that this is a BBQ for a bunch of friends to hang out at… Not some kind of public spectacle or show. I can't emphasize that enough: this is a BBQ in our back yard. NOTHING MORE! (I just throw a decent BBQ).

Police action

So this morning I've already had a visit from the police regarding BMEfest. Apparently they tell me that some asshole from Winnipeg has been calling in complaints and warnings about it, claiming that there are plans for underage drinking, illegal surgery, and so on… Hmm…. I wonder who it could have been that made those complaints?

Here's a hint: if you make threats to me in email, I will — and did — read them back to the police. Them saying, “yup, that's pretty much exactly what we were told” kind of invalidates your whole attempted attack. But seriously, how pathetic does someone have to be to try and wreck a BBQ? What is the goal? Because I didn't want to put you in the BME movie you have to try and make everyone you think is associated with BME unhappy?

Not only that but they showed me printouts from “fake ads” that this person has been posting for BMEfest inviting all sorts of people that we don't even know. The police were cool though, I explained everything to them and they seemed to understand and be sympathetic. But again let me emphasize to people to be on good behavior!

I am pretty much 100% sure that the police will stop in at some point during the day, so when they do BE POLITE AND COURTEOUS. They're just there because they have to be, and if they see that we're just friends having a BBQ they'll be on their way again.

Most importantly that means: IF YOU ARE UNDER 19 DO NOT DRINK! If you do, you will get the entire event shut down. Seriously. I can not emphasize that enough.

If assholes that we don't know appear, let me know so they can be dealt with before it gets out of hand.

Not exciting

Tomorrow is of course BMEfest (and today is SusCon, and yesterday was miniModCon), so I have a thankfully short to-do list left at this point… Unless I'm missing something, it's contstrained to not much more than:

  • Do an experience update
  • Get some beer (St. Peter's Lemon & Ginger and some Cristal, a nice light Cuban beer)
  • Get a whack of ice
  • Tent/stage installation
  • Generator installation
  • Make sure lighting system is sufficient
  • Get propane
  • Pick up PA rentals
  • Get some pineapple juice and a few condiments
  • Get some drink toppings (cherries, etc)
  • Top off water containers
  • Move garbage cans, CD player, fire extinguishers, and so on back to BBQ area
  • Make BME sign for mailbox

Here are some not very interesting photos of the BBQ space as it is now… more later with the stage!

PS. In Toronto and need something to do tonight? The Heatskores, The Legendary Klopeks, and JerkBank are playing at the Reverb (Queen and Bathurst)… And it's even an all-ages show.

Morning of 6/29

I've really got a ton of work to do still today, so I can't post too much, but I wanted to mention two headlines. First, from the Independent (link), “War is not over yet, warns US – Fresh wave of military fatalities as deteriorating security situation threatens aid programme“, and second, from the Washington Post (link), “US Soldiers Face Growing Resistance – Attacks in Central Iraq become more frequent and sophisticated“.

The stories note that the war in Iraq has moved from the US/UK troops being confronted in (losing) firefights by Iraqis, to classic guerrilla style attacks — quick ambushes designed simply to kill and demoralize the US soldiers (already desperate to come home). The dumb-ass response that's coming from the US is to do things like house-to-house searches and fatal attacks on uninvolved civilians — an act which totally plays into the hands of the guerrillas. Have none of the people planning this war ever read Mao or Guevara? You can bet “the enemy” has.

I'd also like to point out that in Vietnam, only a tiny percentage of the population actually opposed the US — you don't need that many people to stage a guerrilla war effectively (that's the whole beauty of it). Hell, the French Revolution actively involved only about 1% of the population and they toppled an empire and a society… And they had a lot less to be angry about than the Iraqis (and perhaps the American people too, but the big question is what does it take for 1% of the US population to reach that breaking point?).

PS. Also worth a read (thanks Ferg): Rage. Mistrust. Hatred. Fear.

Five pictures

Damn, I look like more of a hick every day. The scraggly hair doesn't help, and the facial hair moves me into mullet-fantasy land. I'll be cleaned up by the BBQ, honest. I think many of you remember me at the earlier BME BBQs with a shaved head!

I finished planting the flower beds today. They won't be blooming by the BBQ I think, but I have to admit, sitting outside and drinking a nice organic lemon and ginger beer was really the high-light of my day. I still have to do an image update. Much less fun!

Rachel got me an ice shaver today (a device that spits out sno-cone stuff). This is an ounce of pineapple and coconut rum, a half ounce of passion fruit liqeur, and a half ounce of lychee liquer. Oh, and a splash of grenadine. Yes, that means the TIKI BAR IS A GO! If anyone can pick up some tiki mugs on Monday in Toronto it would be massively appreciated.

If you bring me some mugs, I offer you proof here that it will be more than worth your while. I'm getting pretty good at mixing drinks and I'd be glad to fill your hole with a big chunk of drippy goodness!

The forbidden postcard. I have something like four of these. It's Rachel if it's not obvious… If you want one, please promise to keep the onanism to a minimum.