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Every single gallery on the site is now correctly building using the new tools — BME/extreme, HARD, the text-only sections, the image-only sections, etc. and all the links seem to work. There's still a ton to do but I'm calling it a night for now I think. (It's not uploaded yet; I might do that tomorrow but I'll probably just wait till my test updates instead).

Advice to people seeking a succesful entrepreneurial life… Here's the keys as I see it. There are plenty of people with far more ruthless and perhaps more traditionally successful codes, but these make me happy:

  • Only do things you believe in passionately. Anything that you don't believe in, but you still do, is poison.
  • Spend every minute you can working (playing) as hard as you can. If your work isn't making you happy, you should find different work.
  • Dream big, dream a lot, and don't be afraid to fail over and over. If you do nothing but fight for dreams, even a low success rate is better than fighting for nothing.
  • Give away and share as much as you can. Ultimately a microbusiness can only compete on a global level if people believe in it as much as you do; it's not about getting customers. It's about building a team.

Oh, and I also broke up some of the BME/extreme sections into proper subsections — keep in mind many of those haven't been really edited in something like five years so they were (are) still very fetal. Time to grow up… There are some that should probably die too, but I'm more of a builder than a killer I think.

PS. Anyone interested in hosting two wayward Americans in Montreal for a couple nights? They're housebroken, and I've just cured one of them of his drinking problem… Well… for now anyway.

Brief excerpt from an online conversation:

>do you feel that there aren't that many roads
>left untravelled?

I'm not sure that's relevant. I'm not looking for untravelled roads; I'm looking for roads I enjoy.

>as in, your a punk not because you fit in
>with that mentality to so speak, but because
>there really isn't anywhere left, stylistically,
>that you can go to. no new, small group of
>outcasts left. thus leaving no room for suprise
>to the general public, because technically,
>they've seen this before.

Anyway who's simply seeking to be an outcast has got issues. I just want to be me. I don't care if I'm different or not.

The final statement is actually a paraphrase from Ryan of BMEbooks who'd said (I hope I'm quoting this right), “I never wanted to be different; I just wanted to be me.”

(a) Bender

First, it's probably a good time to issue an important warning about the dangers of excessive drinking. I am fairly certain that this picture will illustrate my point. For some bizarre reason I am immune to hangovers on the whole so luckily I feel fine… Phil on the other hand…

I'm going to finish off my gallery tool today and then integrate it and make a couple test posts for you to check out, but before I did that I wanted to point you to one bodmod related news story that I think is a
giant load of bullshit

Other than that I will also mention that according to the Financial Times, neo-con forces are pressuring Bush for “regime change” in Iran (more), and that British and US special forces are preparing to go into combat with Iran (more). Reading the articles I think it's important to note the timing; right before the election. Given that the Republican party has already promised to make laying the cornerstone of the WTC monument the centrepiece of the GOP Convention (more), I think it should be abundantly clear that they're willing to politicize pretty much anything.

And I also want to remind people of this: If Bush goes to war with two nuclear-capable nations on the eve of the election, legislation is currently in place and is being strengthened that would allow for the permanent suspension of elections in the US and the replacement of the House of Representative by Republican appointees. I'm not even kidding about this. (more, more, more, more, etc…)

Since I haven't posted much here lately, I'll mention of course that the last of the WMD claims were totally debunked (more) — I want a full investigation into all of this, and when it's confirmed that Bush, Ashcroft, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the rest of the butchers were involved, they must be charged for war crimes and I hope they spend the rest of their lives behind bars. With the US goading Korea into war (more), and continuing to murder civilians in Iraq (more), and top-level agencies and officials in the US accusing each other of very serious crimes against humanity (more), I don't think it can be emphasized enough just how important it is to get these monsters out…

It's getting to the point where the word “American” is one of the worst insults you can use on a person internationally, and clearly the US government does not have the right to force that label onto “their” people.

So if you're not willing to raise arms and execute the bastards (j/k… right?), please at least register to vote, and actually go out and do it. Anyway, there are various forums on IAM on this topic that are probably going to be more useful than some foreign instigator's page (more).

PS. WTF is wrong with some people? According to the latest polling (more), 22% of Americans believe that Iraq actually used WMDs during the war

A good place to be

Thanks again to Kay for these pix from both the BVI CURED filming and also our most recent business undertaking (not related to BME)… Everything is rolling along well on it; I'm not posting too much on it publicly right now, but it's really looking better every day. If you really like the looks of these pictures, talk to me more about it at BMEfest.

A joke…?

Greenberg is sitting in a bar. He goes up to Woo, a Chinese gentleman, and punches him.

“Why'd you do that?” cries Woo.

“Because of Pearl Harbor,” snarls Greenberg.

“But I had nothing to do with Pearl Harbor, I'm Chinese!” says Woo.

“Chinese, Japanese, it's all the same to me,” answers Greenberg.

A month later, Greenberg sees Woo in the bar and apologizes to him. The Chinese gentleman smiles, then punches Greenberg.

“Why did you do that?” cries Greenberg?

“Because of the Titanic.”

“What do I have to do with the Titanic?” asks Greenberg.

“Greenberg, iceberg, it's all the same to me.”


Guess Where.

So we've been trying to work out some new underwear designs… The catch is that they can only be one or two screens, since the fabric for panties is fine and the drying process between screens risks damaging them if you do more than two (or something like that). Anyway, there's an example on the right, and if you want to see some potential styles, click here (I'm leaning toward this style and Ryan toward this one). Submissions or ideas are definitely welcomed! Oh, and remember that some of the styles, like the hot shorts, have a seam down the middle that has to be taken into consideration.

PS. Ideas don't have to be “GUESS WHERE” related; that's just all my uncreative brain can handle today as I'm drudging through a massive programming task.