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Test Entry

OK, IAM is up and running on the NAS and after a long day of fiddling and a couple of days of moving files, Jon (sorry, I'm mostling doing this to test if I broke the FTP functions or not?).

Anyway, sorry for the delays. I'm going to do a little more work trying to fix the broken directories (some users are missing their images; I do not currently know why but I am working on it).

Care of Kongo Müller?

I was going to go to bed (and I am) but I just got this interesting email that I wanted to share because I will likely have no memory of receiving it by morning. As you may recall, I used to have a business selling human skulls, specializing in deformities, violent deaths, and graverobbing (in Peru and China mostly). I retired because (obviously) I became increasingly uncomfortable with the ethics of it and was worried about the legal implications of the latter activity.

They still occasionally re-air the TLC show in which I talk about this a little way. Anyway, here's an an example of one of the skulls I sold:

Anyway, according to this email, here's the story behind this skull:

This is quite possible one of several thousand of skulls resulting form the murders of Kongo Müller. A .22 bullet, as that bullet hole apparently is, makes a very round hole at close range. Kongo Müller was an ex-SS war criminal who became an African mercanary. Several thousand of these types of skulls may be found, because he felt that the Africans were inferior to him and thus could be hunted. After wounding them, he would shoot them at point blank and sell the skulls. Few people are ever killed with .22 rifles, so most of those on the small market today are his. If it is of African original you quite possibly have a skull resulting from a serious war crime which has been, to an extent, been repressed.

If I had to guess, I'd still put the strong odds on this being damage during graverobbing, but who knows… I don't have the skull any more so I can't examine it to see for sure.

Stickers on the way!

As far as I know, Ryan is placing the order for the latest sticker set shortly. Below are some of the designs that are in the set. They are to scale, and to put it into context, the round ones are 3.5″ in diameter (so they're bigger than the last set).

Jon has just headed out to pick up a two to six gig more of RAM for the IAM NAS and it'll go in tonight and we'll probably actually start the copy tomorrow… I have quite a lot of work I have to do on IAM thanks to some help from an old friend patching some problems.


OK, I don't know if it solves everything, but I will say that a bit of pain makes most things better, and you can not grow into a better person without pain. Pain (physical, mental, emotional) is the ultimate test of character, and is one of the sole driving forces in the improvement of mankind. Anyway, Ryan has got this in stock now. Click to go to the shop if you're interested:

Oh, and I should add that he's printed the logo at different sizes, so it's big on the girlie-t's and still big on the XLs, which is very cool.

Naming Conventions

This is stolen from my father's page:
yes shannon is named after claude shannon
At that time I had two all-time party animals math science heros
1./Richard Feynman
2./Claude Shannon

I could not name him Richard as that IS MY NAME AND I'D NEVER WISH A JR. ON A CHILD so all i had to do was convince his mum – her list included Kiefer, Freedom, Garcia, Lancer, Basil, Llewellyn, Sebastien, Starbuck, Wesley, Perry, Milo, Mordecai, Ephram, Simon, Jules, Jason, November – well kv was a big fan of Johnny Cash and I sold it as like

a boy called sue
which of course it is

once shannon was programming
i think only two other names were
in 20/20 hindsight – runners up

#2 – wesley
#3 – november

Edit: My mother disputes most of the above story. I wish they'd keep me out of their drama.