Monthly Archives: April 2008

Extreme Apnea

My ability to hold my breath maxes out at around five minutes if I relax and focus (which I think is pretty impressive), and about half that on a normal high-on-taurine-and-caffeine sort of day. David Blaine just held his breath for 17 minutes and 4 seconds… Wow…!

Fail Peanuts!

The following submissions did not quite meet Caitlin and my strict criteria for things that look like ducks. Click that link to see what has made the cut lately (I added a few new ones today), and please email me your things that look like ducks at!

Colour Sequencing / Combinatorics Tool

Caitlin needed a tool for creating lists of every possible combination of a set of variables (including the ability to limit the list length) so I wrote her a quick command line tool for doing that. She’s using it to output lists of every combination of yarn to make sure that every panel in a quilt-like thing (watch for it here in the future perhaps). Here’s how it works:

Note: you can also enter your variables on the command line, comma separated
Enter your variables now:
Depth limitation? (Blank for no)
red, green, blue
red, green, black
red, blue, green
red, blue, black
red, black, green
red, black, blue
green, red, blue
green, red, black
green, blue, red
green, blue, black
green, black, red
green, black, blue
blue, red, green
blue, red, black
blue, green, red
blue, green, black
blue, black, red
blue, black, green
black, red, green
black, red, blue
black, green, red
black, green, blue
black, blue, red
black, blue, green

<press any key to exit>

So it outputs every possible combination, with order being important, with no repetition of colour inside the set, with the length of list limited as you desire (if at all). You can run it either by clicking it or running it from a prompt, or you can enter the list as the command line variables and redirect it to a file since it writes to stdio.

Source code* (PBCC) is included; download it here: [12k]

* It’s actually a useful piece of code for people looking to learn about how to write recursive software… this type of combinatorial processing is a great use for recursion. I should mention that the length limitation is a kind of sloppy add-on that uses global variables which is kind of frowned upon.

Police State

Admittedly Critical Mass can be a little obnoxious, but even as someone who rarely bikes and almost always drives a jacked up truck, the antithesis of a bike, in general I support their message. This video (via bb) is a little long and self-righteous as well, but no matter what you think of Critical Mass it very much underscores the reality that the police are extremely willing to lie and fabricate evidence and statements in order to get their way, and are very afraid of citizen surveillance because it stops their ability to perpetrate false arrest and generally facilitate a culture of fascism.

Tiger Whitehead – III

There is still some minor touch-up required (the water around the big bear most obviously) and of course it needs a frame, but I think this is coming along quite nicely. You can click it to zoom in to a higher resolution version (although it looks better in person — my camera just can’t capture the subtle tone gradients, as well as the fact that you can’t really get just how textured it is).

To those who’ve been asking I’ll probably set up an online shop for both originals and prints soon. Thank you for the support in this!