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BBQ stuff

Sorry it took so long to get these shirt pictures added — just had a nice surprise visit from Marty, Marc, Jill, and Jay — and, miraculously, I managed to stick to the no drunking rule. 24 hours so far, I'm doing OK. The big question is can I make it through the BBQ without drinking too much (I will drink, I just don't want to get all sloppy)?

I have one more piece of bad news regarding the shirts — I think that there were ten medium hoodies ordered, but only five were shipped. The company was out of stock, and shipped larges instead… So the first five mediums will be first-come-first-served from the people who reserved them, the rest will have to decide if the large is OK. I'm really sorry about the sizing problems…

Fun stuff

I picked up the stickers a little while ago… The one has a CMYK error (the background isn't a true black in one area), but other than that they look great. There's only 500 of each design, so if 150 people are at the BBQ and take about three of each, that's all of them gone! (There are three stickers in the picture below — just the BME classic logo and the Ear Piercing 101 are here).

I also spent about an hour at the screen printing place making sure the t-shirts were correctly screened — the design looks great (I'll post photos tonight), but I do have one piece of crappy news: they messed up and forgot to order the jackets… So… Those aren't done, and won't be done for Monday. The people who put in requests for them can decide whether they'd like them sent to them or not I guess…


While I get a lot done in my life, most of it happens more slowly than I'd like. Uploading now is the video of the last (Toronto/May21) BBQ's suspension show — three “suicide” (back) suspensions, along with five “Faulkner” (knee) suspensions. Thanks to iWasCured, iHung, and Rites of Passage, along with all the helpers (and audience) for putting on a great show for everyone.

It will be available for download off the main page of BME as soon as it's done uploading in about half an hour I'm guessing. You will need a membership to download the hi-res version, but it certainly doesn't bother me if people want to download it and post it for download themselves and/or encode it in a more modern format (it's in VCD/MPG format right now). (The low res version really blows in comparison.)

“License is given for unaltered use in a positive context.”


I just accidentally closed my editing window, so I'm now writing this a second time. My BME-related plans for today include editing some video (which I did yesterday, but lost in a software failure) and then posting it along with an experience update some time later today.

I did have one story that I wanted people to read. Many of you are involved in protest groups, and commit minor crimes… In the past, these would at best result in nuisance arrests for minor charges, but the new trend may well be to tag people protesting the government as “enemy combatants” — you are afterall proposing overthrowing the current regime, making you a direct enemy of the government.

Habeus corpus has already been suspended.

I saw it written very concisely written. They pointed out that we can say two things about Padilla and the other American “enemy combatants”:

  1. They are American citizens with rights.
  2. They may have committed or conspired to commit crimes against America.

We know that the first is true. It is a fact. The second is speculation for which, so far, no evidence has been presented to any courts (and none has been planned). Now, maybe it's easy to say, “well, I'd never be a terrorist, so it doesn't matter,” but realize that there were drafts of various anti-terror bills, including some still pending that classify both political protest (ie. going to an anti-globalization rally), software development for internet casinos, certain forms of hacking, and so on, as terrorist acts.

So don't be surprised when you get disappeared.


I'd like to start this off with an unpleasant fact: Among the other Western and first-world nations, by every measurable statistic, America is at best a second-rate nation1, far behind the rest2. It is spiralling into deeper and deeper debt, and recent political moves have put it at odds with nearly every nation on the planet. If this trend continues, within fifty years America will be a third-world country with a massive poor working slave class underneath a monstrously wealthy and powerful ruling elite aristocracy.

American people — you have a holy duty. You must insist that your state demand their right of secession. When that right is denied, either by your state leaders or your federal masters, you must overthrow your masters by any means neccessary. Execute them. Find out where the bankowners live and “terminate with extreme prejudice”. Find out where the Walmart owners live. Strike at the top. Blow up the cars of corrupt politicians on their way to signing away more of your rights and giving away everything you work hard for. Send the message that you will not tolerate their crimes. Search out the roots and burn them into oblivion3. As Thor said to Gjalp, “A river must be dammed at its fountain-head!”

Oh, and let me quickly interject — if you're not liking where this is going, let me just have you read this and save you the trouble of complaining to me.

On to the news.

The latest best seller in France is a book called “The Horrifying Fraud” which reveals how extreme right wing elements in the US government planned and orchestrated the September 11th attacks in order to acheive their oil and weapons spending agendas. Personally I think it's largely a load of crap — this is from the same publisher that puts out “the moon landing was faked” and similar bunk. That said, I think at this point we all know what really happened — right wing elements inside the US government, aided by Israeli forces, “forced” and “allowed” the event to happen, basically using al Qaeda dopes as tools.

As far as Israeli involvement, there are more and more claims that Israeli agents operated (and manipulated) at high levels inside the FBI, and we all know about the “White Van” full of Israeli agents taking photos of themselves cheering as the towers went down. Not that there's a damn thing anyone in America can do to stop Israel from using America as its pawn — the recent speech by Bush makes it very clear that it's Sharon that's president of America, not Bush. If America is at active war with anyone, it's Israel. Oh, wait, no, America lost that war…

“War… what is it good for?” Absolutely nothing might be the answer for most of us, but obviously it is not for the ruling class — the ruling class reaps the benefits of war, while the working class shoulders war's burden. America is a war economy that now spends, what, 51% of its money on “the (everchanging) war effort”. Ask yourself why. It's not to keep America free. It's to keep you enslaved, and keep you a good frightened quiet slave that works hard for their master.

This is from the “Hello? Humans? This is God. You're really fucking things up — I have a message for you” department: As if we don't have enough to worry about, we've narrowly missed two major asteroid strikes this year so far (one and two4). Neither of the asteroids was that big, but they sure would make 911 look inconsequential in comparison. And if we're doing comparisons, how many people die a year from junk food? How many children are given life-long crippling illness because of it? I think we need to start putting warnings on it: “WARNING: Chocolate bars will kill you” along with photographs of dead morbidly obese people.

Finally, I wanted to comment on a TOS issue. Many people think that the rules here against using terms like “gay”, “fag”, and “homo” as an insult, even jokingly are too extreme. When you do this, you help create an environment where it is normal and acceptable to demean homosexuals. It's weird, because it is one of the most acceptable forms of discrimination around… I've got activist friends who would freak out if you called someone a “nigger” or “towelhead” even in jest (that might put it into perspective — if a friend did something stupid, you must realize that saying “oh, you're such a nigger” is fundamentally wrong), but don't blink at calling each other “gaylords”. Why? Because when we use these terms as lighthearted insults we validate them.

There are over half a million elected officials in America. Do you know how many are openly gay? 218. Homosexuals make up ten to twenty percent of the population (suggesting there should be at least 50,000 homosexuals in office), and probably control at least that percentage of the economy, yet they are unable to get elected or even get hired for many jobs if they are out of the closet. Again, when you allow yourself to use homosexuality as an insult, you directly support this kind of discrimination.

Sort of like how when you buy gasoline, you support terrorists.

1 The only characteristic on which America “wins” is military size, but this is a bloated military used primarily for poorly disguided corporate tax spending scams. America has been wholly unsuccessful in any war against an even vaguely “matched” enemy, and consistently loses at international military Olympics.

2 Among the top-20 Western nations, America is number one in firearms deaths, beef production, per capita energy use, Co2 emissions, per capita waste production, per capita hazardous waste production, oil and gas consumption, debt per capita, number of recorded rapes, road injuries and death, teen pregnancy rates, child executions, child gunfire deaths, caloric intake, child poverty, and, by far, in military spending. Additionally, among these nations, America spends the least money on its citizens, generates the least tax revenue per capita, has the lowest voter turnout, has the least number of represented political parties, has signed the least human rights treaties, and has the lowest grade eight math scores. And so on…

3 If you do, don't even think about “blaming” me afterwards.

4 Notice how CNN uses the same clip art in each article? Did they think they could fool us by cropping and recolouring the picture?