I just accidentally closed my editing window, so I'm now writing this a second time. My BME-related plans for today include editing some video (which I did yesterday, but lost in a software failure) and then posting it along with an experience update some time later today.

I did have one story that I wanted people to read. Many of you are involved in protest groups, and commit minor crimes… In the past, these would at best result in nuisance arrests for minor charges, but the new trend may well be to tag people protesting the government as “enemy combatants” — you are afterall proposing overthrowing the current regime, making you a direct enemy of the government.

Habeus corpus has already been suspended.

I saw it written very concisely written. They pointed out that we can say two things about Padilla and the other American “enemy combatants”:

  1. They are American citizens with rights.
  2. They may have committed or conspired to commit crimes against America.

We know that the first is true. It is a fact. The second is speculation for which, so far, no evidence has been presented to any courts (and none has been planned). Now, maybe it's easy to say, “well, I'd never be a terrorist, so it doesn't matter,” but realize that there were drafts of various anti-terror bills, including some still pending that classify both political protest (ie. going to an anti-globalization rally), software development for internet casinos, certain forms of hacking, and so on, as terrorist acts.

So don't be surprised when you get disappeared.

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