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On the Muppet Show tonight…

The Muppet Show was so cool when I was a kid. Dora never has any cool guests on her show, and they keep singing the same three or four songs over and over and over and over and over. Anyway, here's what kid's TV was like when I was a kid.

Alice Cooper…

Elton John…

Buddy Rich…

Floyd (the Muppet, not the Pink)…

If your parents wouldn't let you watch the Muppet Show, maybe you at least caught Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street?

Stay Classy, Crossways Mall Parking Lot

So because I needed my garage for building stuff rather than parking stuff, it's currently parked in Phil's building. It's not as if there are many camo Porsches in Toronto (so it's easy to find my contact details if you see the car and google it), so I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised at this email. I guess I need to buy a car cover. A locking car cover. A rubber locking car cover.

From: Not telling <>
Subject: Isn't this your Porsche?

Hope your warranty covers cumshots, dude.

Should I be angry or amused?

This will wreck your painting.

So I go to the art supply store this morning on the way back from dropping off Nefarious at school to pick up some top coat polymer because I used it all up. They didn't have it out, so I asked for a jug of it to be brought from the back (there was a small bottle on the counter but not a big 4L jug). When the girl that works there returned from the back room, she had a bottle of gloss clear acrylic gel (basically acrylic paint without the pigment, so it has the same chemical properties and is very compatible).

“No, I don't think that's what I need,” I say. “I mean the gloss polymer, like those”, and indicate the bottles on the counter.

“I was afraid you were going to say that,” she said. “We stopped keeping that out here because it was destroying people's paintings.”

   “I know, that's why I buy it!”

I explained that I understand that it dries differently and has different — and partially incompatible — chemical properties, and that's what I'm looking for, because by changing the way I mix that, I can change the shape of the painting as it dries, and the painting actually scars and “keloids” — it becomes a very organic process, because it's not like normal painting where you create something and walk away. This is almost more like developing a photo (or growing a plant), because it continues to change after you're done.

[Edit: I'm sorry for repeating myself... I realize I just wrote this in the previous entry as well]

I'm sorry if there aren't a lot of ModBlog posts this week by the way. Oh, and I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but the leaderboards are back. If sex is healthy, why aren't rub-and-tug “clinics” covered by healthcare? Sheesh. Insert sexy nurse joke here. Cheap socialized medicine.


I got some more work done on my painting. Here's me, my muse, and ten pounds o' paint stuck to a canvas… I think I'll do another day or two of work on it, build a frame, and then dump painting for a while and focus on sculpture. Painting is really painful for me and I'm feeling kind of drained by it all and would rather do something else.

Oh and if I didn't mention before, I think I said something about how I mix my own polymers, so the paints I use sometimes have unusual chemical characteristics (like they'll be gelatinous, or dry internally at different speeds so they bubble and change shape, etc.). I also mix in stuff from around the house to help me stay focussed on what I'm doing; for example, in this painting I added spices and foodstuffs (vanilla, caramel, hot pepper, crushed berries, and so on) to the paint so I'd be able to remember more clearly who I was working on at the time. Anyway, another couple days and I'm done.

Half way done!

OK, so the base coat is in place. Next I have to line it, which means it moves from blurry blobby mess to something that actually looks like something rather than vaguely looking like something… Then I'll fiddle with the tone balances a bit, build a giant frame, and I'm done for now.

I heard about a couple spaces that I might be able to move into from this place that sound great, including an old renovated garage (like a body shop, not some dude's storage shed). The main reason I'm pushing through this painting so quickly is that I'm really dying to get to work on the 917… I can totally see it in my mind and really would love to have it at least rolling to the point where I can show it to people this summer and it won't look like a pile of junk.

Anyway, doctor's appointment tomorrow. I actually think I have my weight stabilized and increasing even (which is funny to me because I've added a bunch more exercise and no new calories, but hey, I'm not complaining), but I am going to ask them for a simple painkiller prescription that goes until my surgery. This drug that I've been put on for sleep is bullshit and all it does is make me dopey and give me a dry mouth (haven't even noticed any colored pee as the side-effects promised though).