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Phoenix New Times

A harrowing evening with the Church of Body Modification, where parishoners reclaim their bodies and have gory tug-o-wars. Then something goes wrong.


“Pain is the sensation of weakness leaving the body.”
Rev. Steve Haworth

Note: Photos above courtesy Steve Haworth


I just got electrocuted! Nothing big, but when I went to turn on the lights, a huge spark (sort of a glowing bubble of electric fire) shot out of my X10 fader, hit me, and then blew out all the lights it was attached to. No big deal. I replaced the bulbs (breaking one all over my fuzzy blanket in the process), and it all seems to work fine, and I wasn't at all injured.

Paul stopped by — he floated my bandwidth bills for the time period where we had the credit card problems, so I've been playing catchup, handing him a much larger cheque every week or two so that I'm not in the red any more. The accounts are still low enough that it's not fun writing these big cheques! (Yes, that's how we spell it up here).

I also talked to him about running phonelines into my server cage, and that should be no problem. The even better news is that we still have a twelve port PIKA card left from some old projects. I guess tomorrow I'll chat with my old friends Art and Chris (someone else into wild cars) at Black Dolphin Technologies and see if they'd like to get involved. I just can't quite remember if we parted on bad terms so I hope it doesn't go badly! But they do build some very highpowered tools.

I'm told there are some tools that connect a GPS unit to a HAM radio and report all that to a website using packet radio, but I think I want to build a tool that's easy to use for the average person — most people can figure out how to use a telephone I figure.


I only open my snailmail about every eight months, so I thought I ought to do a bit of that today. I found some really nice stuff — amazing photos, nice postcards, and some wonderful letters. It takes me a long time, but I do see it all. My personal mailing address is:

Shannon Larratt
247 Bathurst St. #1
Toronto, ON
M5T2S4 Canada

Just don't send anything that won't fit through a mailslot. If you are sending something bigger, use the address listed on the main page of BMEshop. Just let Ryan know that he needs to pass it on to me.

From the latest BIZARRE magazine


Somehow I think it's far more likely that this guy is a big fan of cheap sexploitation horror b-movies than this being the truth… Anyone who knows what movie he screen capped wins boasting points. meep, mjh, and shawn.spc all agree that they're from Cannibal Ferox (aka Make Them Die Slowly)… Now available on DVD!

Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 08:54:23 EDT
Subject: Submission of pictures

Hello BME TEam!

I attached about 9 really hard pictures from a woman beeing tortured hard. I know this woman personally and she agreed to submit these pictures. There is no copywrite on them!

Thankx in advance!