Monthly Archives: August 2003

World Salvation through Body Magick

It's pretty obvious that war as a solution to world problems is something that I passionately believe is murderous and ignorant… but you may wonder what drives me so far to believe such things. BME is in the unique position that it puts me in contact with people practising body modification and body rituals all over the world.

BME has posted pictures and stories from people in nearly every country, and from every cultural and socio-political group… and the amazing thing for me to always see is the same rituals and acts going on; not so much for the acts themselves, but because you see the same feelings — you see the same humanity looking out of the eyes of the people stripped naked by these acts.

Those pictures are from the “JAGUARCOLIBRI COLECTIVO” in Mexico; watch for a full gallery from them on the site later tonight when I get the update posted. In any case, it's just a wonderful thing to be allowed to see.


Well, I'm not convinced anyone is particularly interested, but 20+ beers later and it doesn't make much difference to me. Anyway, here they are:

Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers

So Jason's magic stick has been doodling in overdrive… Check out his latest creation — IAM:ROBOT — and feel free to give your yeah/nay over in the BMEshop forum:

I should also mention some more good BMEshop news. Thanks to a little help from the can of dinner oxygen huffers in ZZ Top, I finished the coding on the online billing integration. It's in testing now, but by the end of the weekend the secure server will be accepting online payment via Mastercard, VISA, American Express, and Diner's Club. Watch for another announcement on that soon!

Other than that, earlier today I froze a whack of fresh mangos and bananas and blueberries, so I expect I've got a date in Margueritaville tonight… Although Rachel tells me they're not really margueritas and daquris that I'm making… More like booze smoothies.

Puzzles galore

Here are three crossword pizzuzzles for you. The first one is the best of the set I think. I was going to proofread some stuff for the encyclopedia today but I'm just too tired so I did this instead to refamiliarize myself with the dataset and start thinking about what upgrades are needed and how.


I'll post the answers later… Feel free to post in the Whatever forum if you need a hint!


One of the things I've always wondered about is “why do sailers fall for mermaids”? I mean, it's one thing to hook up with a mermaid you meet at the local pub, but it's a whole 'nother thing tossing yourself overboard in the middle of the ocean to do it with a fish… but then I realized maybe it's weirder the other way around.

OK, so let's go with the assumption that mermaids are really hot and these sex starved seamen just can't stop themselves… Wouldn't it stand to reason that the mermaids would prefer the company of equally hot mermen? I mean, what could make mermaids so desperate that they would be all hot and bothered for interspecies mating? Mermen can't be all that bad…

PS. With sincere apologies to rabid muntjac.