Monthly Archives: June 2004

As promised, a new piercing

I've talked to a lot of piercers about this piercing over the last decade, but this is the first one I've actually seen… and with first publication come naming rights, and since both the piercer and the client are called “Nick”, I present to you the nick piercing:

Be sure to check out the entry on dueling scars that I added this morning as well (proof that it really is “in my blood” to do this stuff)… It's pretty interesting, and is probably really useful for things like school reports and arguments with parents about cultural norms.

Image update posted

I've just posted another chunky image update (a whack over 2,200 new pictures today). Lots of good stuff in BME/HARD and BME/extreme, and thank you to redneckzombi for being the cover model (more pix on his page as well).

This is the last image update until after BMEfest, but there will be an experience update tomorrow. In addition, I'll be posting a photo set of a totally new piercing (well, I'm sure someone has done it before, but this is the first time I've seen it) tomorrow… Can you guess what it is? (Don't give away the secret if you're in the know).

Finally, there is an event that I wanted to mention here that's happening the day before BMEfest (on Thursday), and that's the . Women who are interested in a private suspension where they can feel comfortable and unpressured, check it out. It's a rare opportunity.

Finally, check out the awesome Pain Olympics shirt that Ryan made. Admittedly he and Corrie have made far more impressive things today (check their page if you're going “huh?”), but I'm really thrilled with how this shirt turned out:

Be sure to thank Ryan when you see him at the event… BMEshop has not only put in really really long hours to get everything that we needed for the event, but has also donated to make sure that everyone up here has the needed supplies.

Jäger shots

Thanks to The Lizardman, a case of (plastic) Jäger shot glasses just arrived on my doorstep, so if you're having shots at the bar, that's what they're served in (unless I find out that there's some legal reason we can't pour into them in which case we'll figure out a new and sneakier plan).

Other than that, like everything else in this world, the events surrounding my life feel like they're polarizing. They're either amazing or they're totally fucked, with very little in between. Still more are on the amazing side when it comes down to it, but I am very very unhappy at some of the things that are important to me being manipulated by others on over to the “fucked” column. It's sad to things see things you believe in being spoiled.

Note: There are a lot of things going on in my life. A ton. We do a lot… but no one other than Rachel knows all of them. So if you think this entry is talking about you, odds are it is not.

7lb 13.5 ounces



I just got the last few issues of BURST from Ryoichi in Japan in the mail this morning (I'm expecting other goodies too which I'll post on later). One has an interview with me, and the other a feature on the film. Jerome, Lukas, and others are also featured. Ryoichi will be at BMEfest as well, so if you see a really tall Japanese guy with a nice camera, that's probably him. He's absolutely trustworthy, and if you let him take your picture, you can rest assured that it will be treated properly…