Monthly Archives: March 2001

More good news

First of all, I just got an IM from Ryan that the first 50 Bear action figures will be in stock later today! I'll get the packaging made before I leave on vacation, and should be able to post pictures of it today with any luck!

Also, the Piercing Pioneers contest has been removed. If you'd like to know why, click here. Finally, I am so thrilled with my latest tattoo… I just unbandaged it, and even though it bruised more than any tattoo I've ever gotten, it looks amazing.

Oh, and I've just updated BME with about a hundred new experiences…

No new car for Shannon

Not only that, but it's looking like I'm going to have to sell some of my current cars to keep all this alive. On Wednesday my credit card processor stopped dealing with me (and a lot of other sites). That means no income for the site from memberships AT ALL, and they also seized as much as $50,000 in monies owed. I might get this money back, but it could be as long as six months and by then it will be too late. It was bad enough a couple months ago when it just looked like this happened… Now it really has…

This puts BME, IAM, and ModCon at serious risk. While BMEshop is doing well, it doesn't come close to being able to pay for the bandwidth of the sites. Any donations by PayPal to would be greatly appreciated. BME costs approximately $5000 a month to host; there are 6000+ members just on IAM. Even if everyone only throws in a few dollars it would go a long way.

I'm having to make some very unpleasant decisions which involve (as I said) selling some things very dear to me to pay for it, offering part ownership of the site to a third party, etc. Nice of all this to happen right as I'm leaving on vacation. Ha, ha, universe. Very funny.

To top it all off, my provider has just had a major hardware failure totally screwing things up there… Which isn't strictly speaking my problem, but it does cascade down.

Well, the good news is that I got tattooed today.

Oh, and I know that the first thing that'll happen will be a pile of “Support BME” banners all over this site. While I apprecaite it emotionally, it's not what will save the site.


OK, first of all: Damn that Porsche is nice. They're running the numbers right now to see if it can happen, but with any luck I'll be proudly driving a Carrera 4 Cabriolet in a month. There's also a real nice 6-speed Carrera 2 Cabriolet, but I think I'd rather have the 4×4.

I got an IM message earlier today asking me to post pictures of my cars. So… Here you go. This is my 2000 Audi TT Quattro. It's a first edition car without the stupid wing or sloppy electronic stability control, one of only a couple hundred that exist in Canada. Mine is chipped and has a better exhaust, but is largely stock. It has all the options (6-disc CD, etc.). They're absolutely wonderful cars; if you don't mind the tiny back seat I can't recommend them highly enough:

PS. I'm getting tattooed tomorrow. On Saturday there will be an experience update on BME, and then on Sunday I will post a huge picture update to tide you over while I'm gone.


So I just talked to my dealer (a very appropriate term in my case)… He tells me that I can bring the SLK back (since he knows he can easily turn it around because it's got all the right options and low mileage) and without much of a lease increase at all get a 1999 Porsche Carrera 4 Cabriolet. This is no cheap Boxster. We're talking Porsche's 174 mph four-wheel-drive ubercar… And, it's tipotronic so Caitlin will be able to drive it! I'm going to go see it tomorrow.

The curse of IAM

When IAM first started, all of it's traffic came from BME and everyone knew that it was connected. Nowadays though, many people (with names like this or this) come here from links on other pages, .sigs, chat rooms, etc. and have no idea that IAM is an offshoot of BME. Someone mentions to them that all they have to do to get in a free page is send in a picture. Of course, they have no idea that it needs to be a body modification picture. Below are some of the pictures I've been sent lately by people who want a membership in return (the face blurring was done by me):