Monthly Archives: June 2007

Very nice things!

Doing some last minute ModProm stuff (well, not really last minute since it's tomorrow, but tomorrow is a full day)… Wrapping up various door prizes (thank you thank you thank you to the companies and individuals that donated them — they're really wonderful and I know people will be thrilled to get them), and then off shortly to pick up my outfit.

Getting the last bits set up

Heading out now to grab DJ gear…

See some of you today, some of you tomorrow, and lots of you on Sunday!

Best. Hors d'oeuvres. Ever.

At ModProm, the lamb balls really are… lamb balls.

Remember, is where you should go for last minute details if you're feeling lost.

Sad day for this Argos fan

Ok, I'm not really an Argos fan. I am however a 55HOLE. Unfortunately — and yet again — the ministry has turned down my request for custom license plates…

Because the truck is out of commission, I pulled the Porsche out of storage. On one hand, it's good, because it means that I'm not limited to foot travel (Nefarious's bike is too little for me), but it also means that I have to do that terrible moving of the car four times a day because I don't have a parking permit.

Sleepy. Maybe Hungry.

I'm really tired and I think I'm going to bed now.