Monthly Archives: July 2001

"My dick just got a million times bigger"

(First, I was wrong about the year before — it is a 1974)

I went and gave the Vette a close check up today — this is one of the cleanest old Vette's I've ever seen. There's not a spot of rust on it, and through some miracle every body panel moves and fits perfectly — even the hood closes evenly. Other than the fact that it has a butt-ugly tan fabric interior and a lack of sidepipes — both correctable problems — it's perfect.

It fired up perfectly, and my god was it good to be in a car that shakes and rumbles again… Anyway, I left my “L33T” plates with them, and if I'm real lucky, tomorrow I'll be back in my favorite car.

Books and Vettes

I've got 50% of the layout of the alpha version of the book done… It sort of looks like a big scrap book or photo album. I'm debating right now how much text I want to include. I could go with an all photo book, but almost all of the pictures really deserve — and for people with no mod experience — need explanations. Right now I'm laying out for an 8.5″x11″ book. I'm also considering a slightly smaller format.

The deal on the Vette looks like it's done… Although I've said that before. The one I think I've settled on is a cheap (about $5k US, so I'll be getting money back from the tradein) 1974 Blue T-Top Vette with about 50k miles on it. I'll add sidepipes before I pick it up. Tomorrow I take it for a test drive and unless something goes horribly wrong I should be in it by week's end. Of course, this isn't the first time I've said that!


These very nice plugs were a preset from Michael. Ian made me these great bamboo plugs. I'm told drinking this beer makes you a better programmer.

The Book

I mentioned it before, but here's proof:

You'd think that by now I'd be comfortable using computers to design stuff, but I never do. To do the ModCon book, I physically build a miniature version with the right number of pages. Then I print out a thumbnail of every photo that'll go in the book — there are a lot, since this is three years of media now. Then I glue everything together… When I'm finally got everything decided on, I fire up Quark.

I shouldn't do this…

…but here are a few of the tamer photos from the ModCon book. Don't expect many more posted — work is progressing furiously. I have hundreds of little thumbnails printed out and am covered in glue as I assemble a miniature prototype by hand. Even though I've used computers since I was sperm and an egg, I'm still more comfortable doing some things in the real world.

I went to the dump today. On the way there I watched a guy in a silver Ferrari F355 get pulled over for speeding… I've got to start carrying my camera more.