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Image update some time tomorrow.

My new roommate and I took two loads of garbage to the dump today. The dump is a real neat place, so on the second load we brought along a camera… Big mistake! They DO NOT like that. When we drove to the gate they asked us if we were going to take pictures and why we were there and really drilled us. Then when we got to the actual drop site, they came up to us again — they'd just been radioed that someone in a gold 4×4 might be trying to take pictures.

I have no idea what “questionable” activities are going on at that dump (the one just off the DVP at Eglington in Toronto), but if you want to have a strange after noon, try driving in with a camera on your dash!

Lots of stuff

Steve's private suspension on Saturday. Three other private suspensions happened as well. They were shot to video, which we will do our best to edit and post on BMEradio.

Remember that big pile of wood? My neighbor built a deck today.

Look at all that garbage! Yack! Tomorrow I take a drive to the dump… Actually, there's not that much, and I suspect a hobo will come and steal the bottles (I'm not kidding).

The everwatchful eye.

Yes, the tower is still standing, seven suspensions and a pinata later!

Woo woo! MAL gave me his old four track! (And did a porn shoot in my basement).

…and Jack Ghoul gave me this VERY COOL WARLOCK!.

We sold all the shirts and made some donations — we totally paid for the cost of building the suspension tower, and covered about half the BBQ costs! Thanks everyone!

default_user01 sent me these greate Mojave 3 posters!

You see those two round attachment points? They actually pulled the truck with fleshhooks from there!

She missed her flight! I get to keep her for another week! Wheeeee!