Monthly Archives: May 2001

You can't buy this one either!

More pix

So I found a few more interesting pictures, I thought I'd post them before they go into storage:
RAB regulars should know these two characters…

Careful with that chisel, Eugene!

Back when I used to be in the skull business.

Some photographer took this of me at one of the Toronto Tattoo Conventions.

Want to guarantee a breakup? Get matching tattoos.

More old photos

As you might of guessed from the previous entry, I started cleaning my middle room and found another box of old photos. I've got to go out and run some errands right now, but here are four more that I found…

If you didn't already know, one of my first businesses was with Dave building phonesex applications.

Going swimming at Point Petre. Watch out for the undertow!

Ack! Where'd my eyebrows go?

Tom Brazda piercing my “anti-eyebrows”, and me looking rather unkempt and dirtbagish.

Old art, 1991/2

Old stuff… This is from my last year of highschool. It's not that exciting, but PETA members and sensitive viewers are strongly urged not to click on the performance art photos in the bottom row.

Trike Frame

OK, so I've been posting all these glorious photos of the factory demo trike with it's 700 HP nitrous engine and all that… Now you get to see what it looks like before everything gets bolted on.

On Tuesday we start getting in all the parts (wing, fenders, wheels, tires, etc. etc.) and finalize the motor mounts. Then the frame gets powder coated and within about 10 days, it starts getting put together. I'll post progress pictures over the next month, and with any luck it'll be rolling by the BBQ.