Monthly Archives: April 2006

Crap, sorry

I did manage to get ModBlog updated, but my upload to BME keeps crashing… I've restarted it again, but I have plans today so I'm going to bed now. With some help from Jon, I've also fired up an old project that we should be able to turn on tomrorow (later today actually). But most importantly,

Anyway, the update is done and should be on the server by the time I get up, so you'll definitely see it soon. Trust me, I'm not thrilled about being up this late, hoping it would work, either!

Oh, other than that my new painting is coming along OK, but it still needs a ton of work… A lot of it is experimental because I'm mixing with polyfill (as in caulking compoung and hole filler) mixed with pigments, as well as layers of phosphouresence! That's just an undergoat.

BME Aotearoa!

Original_Sly has been working on a New Zealand take on the BME logo. I've been helping redo the linework today while he's been doing amazing work on the entries like Moko, Ta Moko, Kirituhi, Tohunga-ta-moko, Maori, and so on. I'm thrilled with the wonderful work all the volunteer editors have been doing on the BME encyclopedia. I can't thank you guys enough.

Tomorrow Phil and I (assuming he's not doing Easter stuff) will knock out a big site update, and Jon and I are going to be working on some exciting site upgrades as well… I really feel very inspired about where BME is going right now and I can't thank all of you enough for continuing to support us and believe in us, and most of all being a part of this big extended family of people working hard to keep life special.

Anyway, that's the logo that Original Sly drew. It still needs a lot of work (this is just drawn with fashion markers, not on a computer, although of course the wood grain and embossing effect is photoshopped on). Credit for the design goes to him. And let me emphasize: first draft!

Other than that I've been talking to a lot of really cool girls here about the project mentioned in the previous two entries. I'm quite thrilled about the enthusiasm and think it's going to be very fun.

Themesong by Motley Crue

In relation to the previous entry, I wanted to share two of the previous BMEgirls to show that I'm open to a range of pinups… Some nice submissions so far, but I want to remind people that if you're doing a full body pose (rather than one I'll crop), please make sure your whole body (including your feet) are in the picture because it'll make the redrawing easier.

And happy birthday to one of the official “BMEgirls” today — Corrie turns 31!

Other than that, I'm so tired today… I think I'm going to try and go to bed early today and get my sleep schedule reset. It's catching up on me and I feel pretty wiped out from these late night playing with the wiki and other new toys.


So we saw a guy yesterday wearing a shirt that said FIGHTING SOLVES EVERYTHING, and it got me thinking that a BME variant might be fun. Below are a few ideas…. Personally I'm in love with the one on the right? I can send the screens to Ryan, but if you're an IAM member, please post your opinion in the BMEshop forum. Fingers crossed for the blood one!

Edit, by request I have also sent him “PAIN SOLVES EVERYTHING

NOTE TO SELF: Don't design shirts when you're exhausted. Yes, the spelling error will be corrected.


I still need wiki editors, and the current ones are doing a great job so far! Thank you all! If you'd like to take part, email me a request to (although because Philip J. Fry will be on this computer today, it won't be an instant reply — I'll check hourly).

This guy, who has a problem with the entry on smoking, will not be added:

Smoking!!! The only thing you can injoy today besides sex. I'm so sick and tired of hearing about cigeretts and all the damage they are causing to everything and everybody,poor harmless cigeretts; The best thing that ever came along for man. If you could elimanate smoking all togather, you still would have people dying of lung cancer,and alll the other sickneses that cig. are causing. Insted of blaming cig. for all the worldley ills and useing cigs. as a crutch and a money maker maybe you should start looking to other things. New Jearsy, your way out on cloud nine. Banning smoking everywhere, except casinos. The air you breath, is your answer its all around you. Also drugs, booze, trucks, buses, jets ect. ect.

Thanks again everyone who's helping out with this! We'll probably have it live for the world to see tomorrow.