Five pictures

Damn, I look like more of a hick every day. The scraggly hair doesn't help, and the facial hair moves me into mullet-fantasy land. I'll be cleaned up by the BBQ, honest. I think many of you remember me at the earlier BME BBQs with a shaved head!

I finished planting the flower beds today. They won't be blooming by the BBQ I think, but I have to admit, sitting outside and drinking a nice organic lemon and ginger beer was really the high-light of my day. I still have to do an image update. Much less fun!

Rachel got me an ice shaver today (a device that spits out sno-cone stuff). This is an ounce of pineapple and coconut rum, a half ounce of passion fruit liqeur, and a half ounce of lychee liquer. Oh, and a splash of grenadine. Yes, that means the TIKI BAR IS A GO! If anyone can pick up some tiki mugs on Monday in Toronto it would be massively appreciated.

If you bring me some mugs, I offer you proof here that it will be more than worth your while. I'm getting pretty good at mixing drinks and I'd be glad to fill your hole with a big chunk of drippy goodness!

The forbidden postcard. I have something like four of these. It's Rachel if it's not obvious… If you want one, please promise to keep the onanism to a minimum.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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