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Some of you might have seen my brother in “Superhuman: Super Strong”, a documentary on extreme strength that aired last week on ITV. He lost his match in that, but today he beat John Brzenk six matches to none in the right arm (left is tomorrow), making him the top ranked unlimited class arm wrestler in the world (he’s 6’5″, 240lb). This picture is not him.

That was a musician (and a fan I suppose) at the Polish street festival that’s going on down the street from me this weekend. Also going on just a few blocks in the other direction is the Ukrainian festival, so tomorrow will be a day of walking around one or the other. Many perogies will be eaten, and many free balloons will fill our house I’m sure.

I took this picture — FIGHT WAR NOT WARS / DESTROY POWER NOT PEOPLE — on Bayview when I was driving Nefarious to a friend’s birthday party… Other than that, my computer is a little messed up since the last Windows update and keeps running out of memory. Gotta get that figured out because blue screens are no fun when you’re doing a lot of editing!

Proof reading galore

I’ve printed out the first quarter or so of the interviews for the new book — this is essentially all never-before published stuff. Right now it’s a stack of interviews about an inch high. That doesn’t include any photos yet either. So, ack, that’s a big big big big book! I figure if I cut the interviews down to what’s most interesting, it’s still three or four hundred pages…

I’m still waiting to hear back from Lulu as to what the issue with the hardcover book is/was. I assume I will hear in the next couple of days and I’ll let you know how to get your copy then.

I’ve been meaning to put this picture up for a little while — it’s from the CNE. Can you tell which two in the picture enjoy roller coasters and which two don’t? The facial expressions are priceless.

Quack, Click!

I think this clip is my favorite “duck” that we’ve posted in a little while. It’s so cute… I was going through the images I have for the site (including some unpublished ones), and thinking about putting together a fun little coffee table book or maybe a 2009 calendar or something funny.

Speaking of ducks, Nefarious and I were at the park today walking along the duck pond and an old lady chastised me for allowing her to walk along the stone wall, which is about 12″ off the ground and a solid 24″ wide. As if a five year old can’t walk on a two-foot wide path without toppling off… sheesh! At first I didn’t even understand what she was talking about because it was so silly.

Good news, bad news

So after a day of somewhat stressful meetings, I came home to some nice emails from people who’d gotten copies of the new hardcover ModCon book in the mail, including this picture of Ze and his copy. Unfortunately that mail was followed by emails from Lulu telling me that unfulfilled orders on the book (including my own) had been canceled — at least temporarily — and when I logged into my store the book’s pages had been set to private. I can only assume that someone is doing what they can to cause me and/or the body modification scene annoyance. I’m waiting to hear back from Lulu now, so hopefully this is just a temporary hiccup and I don’t have to upload it to an alternate printer (although if someone wants to recommend one — or be one — don’t hesitate to write).

Either way, I’ll update for those of you waiting to order this when I know more.

Well, those of you who did get a copy now hold the rarest book I’ve ever put out!

“The Pooping Puffin” ad

I mentioned my distaste for the Conservative election ads here in Canada in a recent entry. Here is one of their latest ads, in which a bird flys over Liberal leader Stéphane Dion and shits on him. Seriously. This is an actual “official” ad (although it was later retracted and Stephen Harper “apologized”), not some joke ad or ad made by an Internet group. Pretty telling what they think the intellectual level of their supporters is.