Monthly Archives: September 2008

New ModCon Hardcover Edition

I’ve been filling all of my spare time finishing a completely “new” version of the original ModCon book. I’ve redone the layout so it’s now in a 6″x9″ hardcover format, expanded to 200 pages with a number of photos from ModCon events that were not in the original book. You can now get both a “straight” second printing of the original book, or you can get this new one. I also redid the levels on all of the photos, so it’s got a much stronger look (I always thought the first one looked a little washed out). Click the cover on your right to jump to a page with samples and an order link. Please pass this on to others who might be interested!

I also cooked a very nice supper today, thanks in part to Caitlin biking down to the farmer’s market. I started with green bell peppers and red shepherd peppers and red onion and garlic, and then some baby zucchini. Finally, some sea scallops and wholegrain rice, and when I was done cooking, I added a half dozen different kinds of baby tomatoes. Everything had been marinated in a light lime and salt dressing, and a little tamarind and Caribbean style hot sauce as well… Quite delicious.

Nefarious isn’t usually a fan of tomatoes, so when she asked me what they were, I told her they were “yumyum balls” and she ate a whole bunch and gave them a good review before I told her I was kidding and revealed their real identity… Luckily the good review stuck.

Her swimming also continues to improve — I think she spends more time under the water than over! She can swim half way across the pool under water, and has no problem at all diving to the bottom of the 9′ section. I think our pool may close for the season tomorrow, so I’m going to have to look into my other options… There’s an indoor pool across the street from us but I don’t know the cost yet. Well, school starts tomorrow so that’s where I’m biking in the morning!