Monthly Archives: October 2008

Part One: Our Zombie Costumes

Caitlin did her own makeup and Nefarious’s makeup, and helped me get my appliance glued on and then I did the remainder of my makeup. It was all done with a mix of regular face paint makeup, fake blood, liquid latex, and a latex appliance and spirit glue. The last three photos were taken after we returned, so as you can see it survived pretty well.

Part Two: Toronto Zombie Walk 2008 Pictures

We had a great time at the zombie walk today. There must have been about three thousand zombies there. Maybe a bit more… It’s hard to guess. We got there at around 2:30 and then left at about 4:45 after walking up Bathurst for a bit. In the photos below (the numbering is off — the earlier ones are in the previous entry):

7. Kids talking to Satan.
8. Miscellaneous zombies (check flickr and so on for more).
9. Ari gets a phone call from Mommy.
10. Still on the phone.
11. Eating Smarties.
12. “Zenbie”.
13. Heavy Metal Battle (not sure what the relation to the zombies was).
14. Ari meets a zombie clown.
15. The zombie clown was a big hit with her.
16. But not as big a hit as the zombie princesses.
17. A shot of the crowd.
18. Another crowd shot. This was only a part of it!
19. We run into Chloe and other classmates of Ari’s.
20. Riding the TTC home.

She’s now a published author

Nefarious wrote her first “book” today, based on Frog and Toad. It goes like this:


1. “frog and tod / bi ari”
(Frog and Toad / By Ari)

2. “frog and tod gow to the prc”
(Frog and Toad go to the park.)

3. “tod goz to the prc and plaz”
(Toad goes to the park and plays.)

4. “frog wz wochin tod”
(Frog was watching Toad.)

We took the pages she made and I reprinted them at 1/4 size and bound them into a little book, which she then read to her dolls (cutest scene ever). The calendar by the way is a daily x-off until Halloween.

I did a little work on my Uilenspiegel painting as well. This is the base colour. It’ll be touched up of course, but the big change is that it’ll all be lined in the final stage which is what really brings it out. I have high hopes for this particular painting and think it’s going quite well so far.

We’re all prepped for tomorrow’s zombie walk (watch out)… click the flier below to visit the official site. Caitlin (who will be the primary makeup artist) I think is going as a walking autopsied corpse, Nefarious is a princess party zombie with an extra eyeball, and I’m going with gouged out eyes and a wide stitched up wound. I’ll post photos tomorrow evening.

A Friday Evening Update

My supper today didn’t turn out. It just felt… I don’t know… flavorless? I’m not sure why. Desert was a success though — there were good strawberries at the grocery store today so I got a big container full of them, halved them, and served them with fresh lemon juice and brown sugar. Simple and delicious.

We played ZigZag some more. Now that Nefarious has the hang of the game she likes it a lot more and can play it quite well. I got beat once because I wasn’t paying attention — you get focussed on your attack vector and you don’t notice your opponent sneaking up behind you. At one point she shouted, “ohh — look at the sunset!” and grabbed the camera and ran out on the balcony and started taking pictures.

She snapped a picture of me. “I’m sure it’s just the flash”, but jeez… I’m amazed kids at her school seem to be such fans of me, I totally look like a crazy person… Kind of a Manson thing going on? Well, I’m going to paint for a while before Caitlin gets home from work. I’m looking forward to the weekend — it’s the big Toronto zombie walk on Sunday and we’re all getting undeadified for that.

Pot vs. Kettle

This disturbing clip from a McCain/Palin rally — which really illustrates how incredibly dangerous negative campaigning is — is from Al Jazeera. How strange is it that viewers in Iran and Saudi Arabia and across the Arab world watch America on their televisions and see it as a backward nation full of religious extremists with racially isolationist views?