Monthly Archives: October 2008

Why the recession is good for business

Continuing in a-couple-days-of-headache-half-bakery-rambling, I was thinking about how Sbarro and Krispy Kreme and lots of other big companies are on the edge of collapse, and was thinking that it was a really good thing. Obviously it’s not a comment on the fact that people aren’t buying pizza or donuts. I mean, maybe they’re not buying as much, but they’re still buying plenty… What it is a comment about is that megacorporations are not sustainable business models.

So I think — I hope — the end result of all these giant companies and giant franchises collapsing is that they will be replaced with locally owned and locally branded businesses, which are far more nimble and able to survive market fluctuations, to say nothing of the fact that a local business keeps money in the local community and keeps money from evaporating higher and higher up the class system. I definitely think the same thing will happen in farming as factory farms collapse and we see the return of the small family farm. Fingers crossed.

Gay Culture is Gay Genocide?

I was thinking about eugenics, and had a thought about gay culture… Historically, homosexuals (male or female) have still had children because it was “expected of them” and homosexuality was an underground movement. Now that homosexuality is acceptable, and there’s no stigma attached to having a same sex partner and not reproducing biologically, it seems quite likely that in a few generations the genes for homosexuality will be almost completely eliminated from the human species. How ironic that the biggest contribution of gay culture to the human condition may be the complete elimination of homosexuality.

If Christian nutjobs actually wanted to be rid of homosexuality, the best thing they could do would be to support gay unions and pray for the results of the selective non-breeding it will bring about. However, by pushing it underground and encouraging “orientation denial”, they ensure the gene persists. Of course, Christian nutjobs don’t believe in evolution, so good luck convincing them of this.

Doll Videos

I think my favorite E/N blogs is Dark Roasted Blend, and today they did a feature on dolls, which had two great videos. First, the hilarious “Rad Repeating’ Tarzan” doll, sold in 1999. Caitlin chided me for interrupting her viewing of Paris Hilton’s my new BFF by watching this over and over giggling.

And then to knock those laughs out of you… some laughing!


Got T-Shirts? YES!

I put some t-shirts up… Click the pic to access my initial selection.


I forgot how much I like potato gnocchi. Nefarious got it in her head that we should have skewers today, and seeing that large shrimp was on sale we picked up a bag. I grilled the shrimp in sesame oil and garlic with a lemon and spicy black bean marinade, and did gnocchi and broccoli in the same. Crazy delicious. For desert we made a DIY double chocolate and butterscotch lava cake with whipped cream and sugar sprinkles. Also crazy delicious.

Then Frog and Toad, Babar, and another chapter of her latest fairy novel…