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Crazy Faces

Just got back from stuffing myself with stuffing at a friend’s house… Especially since I had a big late lunch, I’m very full. Which is good, because I didn’t take the holiday into account and have very few groceries here. I think that I have just barely enough to make school lunch for tomorrow.

Nefarious and I made crazy postcards earlier today after she painted her face rather wildly. I think she’d intended for it to be scary, but it looked more like she was a soccer fan supporting her favorite team.

Since I want to move on to other projects and don’t think I can really improve on it — nothing’s worse than wrecking a painting by over-working it — so I’ve set the painting below (with Nefarious showing off her own work in front of it) in stone and posted it in my art gallery site… Tomorrow of course is the Canadian federal election — fingers crossed for the NDP and Peggy Nash in my riding. Vote!

Reminds me of Boognish

My sister made me this t-shirt a bit over fifteen years ago… It’s long lost, but I saw it in a photo and got a chuckle out of it so I rendered it… I actually thought that my brother made it when I first saw the picture so I might be wrong as to the artist.

New Tires Needed

I went to pick Nefarious up at the airport today — there was a snafu with the tickets, so she came back a little early and flew on her own (“unaccompanied minor”, where the airline helps out with customs and so on) and had a great time with it. I said sometime to the effect of “you deserve a reward for being so brave!” and she replied, “why…? I’m always brave!”

So true! She got her ears pierced while in New York — given that immunization injections didn’t even phase her, I suspect there was similar bravery at the piercing place.

I have to admit that driving up to the airport was a little nerve wracking (I on the other hand, am not so brave). I think that when my brakes were done on the truck a while back they messed up the front end in some way — it’s pulling erratically, the front tires are wearing quickly (not that they’re not worn already), and it just doesn’t feel stable. I’m hoping to get a bit more lift done before the winter — now that I have a “new” bike! — to fit a set of 35″ boggers (like the ones on this truck). I don’t know or not if stores are open tomorrow… I don’t think they are, but in the next couple days I’m going to take that bike apart, clean it up, and paint it…

I’ve got to get some wood panels in the next couple days as well to paint on. I’ve been slacking on painting and I want to get going again. Oh, and our Rock Band party was fun enough to have the old man next door pounding on the wall for us to shut up (me on guitar, Caitlin on drums, and Saira singing)… But he smokes on his balcony, so f**k that guy — as long as he’s poisoning me, he can put up with some occasional noise. I actually have a fan permanently blowing from my balcony toward his which keeps 99% of the smoke away.

Dumpster Diving FTW

Caitlin and I found this bike in the garbage today. The frame is a bit heavy, but it’s the exact right size for me, and rides fine with good brakes and shifting… So now I won’t have to borrow her bike any more, and the kids at Nefarious’s school won’t tease me for riding a “girl’s bike”! On the other end of the tech spectrum, there’s a good feature on Project Orion posted on Dark Roasted Blend. The TED talk by Dyson is worth watching if you’re a sci-fi (or just “sci”) fan.

Edit — After a discussion with my father on this subject, an important but obvious point was raised… If you look at the perfectly good items (from food wastage to stereos, bikes, building supplies, whatever), these far far far outweigh the $700 billion bail-out. If Americans (and probably most first-world cultures) were more conscious of what they threw away, the idea of “economic crisis” would be distant foolishness.

Why McCain and Biden are smiling

You betcha!!!