Monthly Archives: October 2008

A New Piercing… No Hepatitis

I’ve spent a bit over a year now avoiding any body modification interests other than a little tattooing because my interest in body modification had become a potential liability in court and was being used to help paint me as ‘unstable’ (not a fun thing to have to defend to decrepit old judges!), but now that that’s over, I figured it was time to celebrate. One of my very first piercings — and one of my favorites — was my hand web piercing, and I’ve been missing it… So I decided to do that again!

It was all DIY of course, and I used a 10ga needle and a 7/16″ 12ga ring (which increased the initial bleeding, but made the follow-through and bead placement much easier). The placement was done carefully to both minimize movement of the tissue trapped by the piercing (there’s no shifting of skin between the points), and to minimize movement of the jewelry. The ring lies flush against the skin (rather than dangling centrally), and what little movement there is can be absorbed more easily by a ring than by a bar in my opinion. So yeah. New piercing, DIY, good placement, safe.

But I also wanted to mention something frightening. I was talking to a friend that left the industry earlier this year. Because they no longer need to use their autoclave, they stopped sending in their spore tests. The scary thing is, for four months — continuing until today — they’ve received a letter from the spore testing laboratory (a big name place with a good reputation used by hundreds of studios if not more) saying that their test came back successfully and that their clave is functioning properly. Even though they didn’t send anything in. Scary stuff. I wonder if this is a small clerical error, or if it’s large-scale fraud — gambling with people’s lives — by the company. I suspect the latter.

So that’s one of the many reasons I prefer DIY. How does this person know that their clave didn’t fail a year ago??? It’s certainly possible that a clave in this situation could a blood-borne pathogen, and, with the right sort of bad luck, thousands of people could have been infected with Hepatitis C… Statistically, if they’re doing this on a large scale, it’s surely happened already at some tattoo or piercing studio, hospital, or dental office.

Did I mention my expanding girth?

The nice thing about these ultra-budget cookies that I bought is that the creme filling does not adhere to the cookies at all, so you can dismantle them and stack them as high as you want.

New Art Posted

I added two projects to my art gallery page… You can click on either of these pictures to see the whole thing in higher res (one is almost a year old, but I’ve never posted it at high res before). I’m happy with how each of these turned out… Next is an interesting commission piece (these were gifts).


Pumpkin Carving Day

I went back on my word and got Guitar Hero World Tour today. Love it so far. I returned some headphones that didn’t work as well so I had a store credit and also picked up a stand-alone printer for everyone here to print out photos from our digital cameras, so Nefarious has been filling up her photo album — a friend recently gave her his old camera (which is perfectly sized for the “secret pocket” in her winter jacket), so she’s been snapping a ton of pictures — and learning the concept that paper is not unlimited and she’s going to have to learn to conserve…

The pumpkin on the right was designed by Nefarious on paper and then cut out by me, and the one on the left (not the far left!) was designed and cut by Caitlin. Other than that, I split a tooth (a molar) open — yowch! — so I’m going to be getting a dentist’s appointment tomorrow I hope.

Uilenspiegel III

My Uilenspiegel painting is coming along nicely. I’m in the process of lining it right now, then it will get some touch up work and we’ll see where it goes. After this I’m doing a commission piece that I’m looking forward to quite a bit because they picked a subject I’m sure I’ll enjoy. The color balance is quite off in this photo by the way, but you get the idea.

I played Rock Band with a new drummer (thank you, “no fail” mode), but that new drummer spent more time in the store buying her character pink dresses than she did drumming for me. Hahaha… Indoctrination failed.