Monthly Archives: October 2008

One Note. ONE NOTE.

One f-ing note!

I almost got perfect on Simple Man, which is pretty easy to play, but still, one missed note off placed me at #343 in the world-wide rankings (which is pretty good) instead of the top ten. Next time, perfect. I don’t write about it much, but one of the reasons that I enjoy Rock Band and Guitar Hero is that because they require focus of a cross-section of brain areas is that they are pretty good at distracting from neuropathic pain, so when I’m a little more sore than usual, it’s really helpful on a therapeutic level.

I went swimming after school (as we do most days). We built a “canoe” by tying flotation noodles together, and then had underwater swimming races diving for my keys. Nefarious can swim very fast under water, and impressively far… We also found one of her school friends that can also swim, so hopefully they’ll be able to have a swimming play date soon. I fired up my rice cooker while we were in the pool and made a whole bunch of red cargo rice which has a really nice nutty flavor.

Sort of rambling aimlessly here — at first I didn’t like it, but I’ve gotten to really enjoy the zen of the earth visualization that the PS3 displays while it’s playing music (we listened to Talk Talk’s Spirit of Eden)… I wish it had full zoom, or better yet, live weather. Some sort of Google Earth type tool for the PS3 would be a real killer ap (and done right, educational).

Have I mentioned how much I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s debate?

Not that there aren’t an endless number of insane Palin clips, but that one is great, because she reveals that she has no idea where the Gaza Strip is or what Hamas is (or that Iran is a democracy). From an entertainment point of view I’d sort of like to see her become president, but I can’t imagine what a shocking trainwreck it would turn out to be.