Monthly Archives: February 2006

I cut my hair off…

A clean shave: mostly I just wanted to expose my tattoo again — it does mean however that I will need to wear a toque here in the cold… I think I'll try and get Shane Faulkner (the tattoo artist that did much of my work) to give the sides of my head a retouch, and then complete the facial lines since there's only about two inches of line left to do.

Well, we're off to Yasi's Place shortly for brunch… Then I've got to get a bunch of BME work done. Tomorrow morning I have one semi-final IKEA run to do (another table, some shelves, some closet organizers), then I get Phil running again and do a BME update, and then off to the gym.

Finally back online

Wow, seriously, this is the least I've been online for a long time. Who'd have thought moving and setting up a house was so time and effort consuming — I guess I haven't done it in so long because Rachel always dealt with that stuff. But in any case, Jon and I and Nefarious are settled in here, have things about half unpacked, and mostly everything is looking quite good.

There are still mountains of boxes and a lot of missing furniture, decorations, and miscellaneous items, but on the left above you can see my bedroom on the third story. It's not giant (the king sized bed about 60% fills it), but it has its own bathroom and a little balcony. The next photo is the staircase leading up from the ground story; it's nice being able to hang my paintings again. The last two photos are one of the walls of the ground story living room. It's open concept with the kitchen, so we'll probably put a little dining table in there and a couch or something.

I'll post a picture or two more over the next few days of the rec room I'm setting up in the basement and the office that Phil and I work in once I've got things a bit more polished (Nefarious has a nice room too, as does Jon, but I'm not posting those). Anyway, I'm back online now so we return (finally) to our regular schedule. BME updates begin again on Monday, barring emergency.

Coming along nicely

Wow, sorry I haven't posted here (or elsewhere) for a couple days. It's been all moving stuff of course; most of my stuff is in the new house right now, and I just have to flush it out with a little more furniture. I do however have a full fridge, my bigscreen set up, Survivor set to record in HD on the PVR, and a couple of beanbags — and of course Jon and Nefarious arrive later tonight. Life's not so bad, right?

Anyway, I probably won't be around a whole lot for the next few days as things continue to get settled… I must however thank Badur, Phil, and Jordan for helping me move everything out of storage to here, and of course Saira for giving me a place to stay until this was ready (and helping me find this place).