Monthly Archives: May 2003

Green death

So I'm on the phone with Newsweek who called me unexpectedly at about 9:10 PM, at which point I've already been drinking and helping orchestrate a twenty-five person pissing party (I have to admit I'm very curious as to whether that was fun or if it went horribly wrong)…

Anyway, they kept bugging me to put them in touch with tongue splitting people in Illinois, which I told them I wasn't willing to do.

Newsweek: Can you put us in touch with anyone in Chicago that has a tongue splitting that was done in Illinois?

Shannon: I really wouldn't feel comfortable with that as I'm worried it could get their practitioner in legal trouble.

NW: But they can't retroactively charge them...

Shannon: Look, they've made it clear that they're willing to lie and corrupt the governmental process in order to harass people on this subject. Not only that, but over the past month I have seen several friends arrested on fraudulent charges because of their body modification activities, and I am simply not comfortable putting people I care about at risk to sell advertising.

NW: Don't you think you should let them make that decision?

Shannon: Do you see me stopping you from talking to them? Feel free!

NW: But you're not giving us any contacts! We don't know how to get in touch with those people.

Shannon: And that's my problem... how?

I'm not kidding about those arrests by the way. They're not related to tongue splitting, but they are related to heavy body mods. “Top tier providers” have been hit recently with (as far as I know) fake childporn charges in order to get the ammunitiion required to seize their computers, contact lists, and so on.

I know the media is clamoring for people to talk to right now, and I'm not saying don't do it, but PLEASE PROTECT YOUR PRACTITIONER! Even if these new anti-freedom laws don't get passed, it's still a grey area. They've shown that they don't give a damn about fundamental rights or even basic honesty, so don't assume you're safe when this bill is (hopefully) defeated.

On an alternate note, I can not in good conscience recommend the following drink, which tastes somewhere between liquid candy and cough syrup. It is one ounce Goldschlager, and a half ounce each of Creme de Menthe, Southern Comfort, and Bolivian Coffee Liqueur…

Work work work

I won't be around much today; I've already talked to almost a dozen reporters this morning, and I'm muddling my way through Windows API programming that I've never done before which just makes me angry. Oh, and a friend that owns a customizing shop just offered to install this body kit on the Porsche for free… Think I should go for it?

PS. Recommended reading: Dollar or Dinar

Cool pictures

Just got sent these pictures (which I have no reason to believe are fake). The one on the left is of course a dude with six fingers (it's less rare than you'd think), and the one on the right shows a (healed) bullet hole piercing on both the roof of the mouth and the chin.

Time to play cards

I'm not actually going to order a set unless they post photos so I know they don't look like total crap, but these are pretty funny in my opinion:

PS. The interview below went well I think. I liked the host's libertarian attitude about the whole thing; basically, “If you want to split your tongue, I think that's kind of freaky and I'd never do it, but ultimately it's your problem, not mine, and it's wrong to legally try and stop you. It's a waste of tax payer money and none of the government's business.”


For those interested, I'll be on the Jason Jarvis show talking about tongue splitting at about 1:07 EST (ie. in just under two hours). You can visit his webpage ( and listen live, although it's syndicated all over the US as well.