Monthly Archives: May 2003

News might be back today?

Let's quickly see what's in the news here…. I see that the White House is trying to keep the report on 9/11 classified (more), and now even the mainstream news is starting to ask “why”. What have they got to hide? What's in that report that's so damning? After all, we already know that there were major shortcomings in the way intelligence and national security were handled, right up to agents acting to specifically block investigation into the hijackers. The only thing that's left to hide is direct (presumably passive) involvement. There is no other option.

I think it's about time to quote Spock from STVI: The Undiscovered Country:

"An ancestor of mine maintained that if you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

(AKA Sherlock Holmes in The Sign of Four)

Other than that, Condoleezza Rice (the US National Security Advisor) has admitted that there's a good chance that there are no WMDs in Iraq to be found (more), and the US has told the Iraqis that under no circumstances may they make any decisions regarding their oil without full approval of the US military (more). Bush declares the war over as his mercenaries* continue to kill children (more) and US Marines begin getting hit with war crimes investigations (more). The US did surrender to al Qaeda's demands regarding Saudi Arabia, but unfortunately may have made it worse by now being “forced” to occupy Iraq (more).

Oh yeah, that and the US government is teetering on bankruptcy (more).

Well, I'm off to write a “real” article now.

* A mercenary is someone who fights for money. Soldiers in my opinion fight to defend their homeland. The troops in Iraq are by definition mercenaries, as illustrated by the immediate roll-over of Iraq (ie. no credible threat) and the lack of any capability to strike back.