Monthly Archives: February 2003

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Erik, Marty, Jill, and I are in the UK filming for the BME movie over the next week (12th – 18th of February). This entry will stay at the top until I return. I will try and do some sporadic updates at least during that time period to let everyone know how it's going.

While I'm gone IAM and BME are under Rachel's full control. If you have something essential that needs to be dealt during this time period (TOS, etc.), she's the person to ask if you can't get your answer in the Whatever or Tech Support forums.

Back… almost…

We're back in London now, it's about 1 AM… Tomorrow morning we leave for the airport at about 5:45 AM. Our planes don't actually fly until afternoon, but that's what schedules demand. It'll be good to be back. I'm unbelievably tired, and I really need to be tucked in at night to sleep properly.

Filming today with Steve-O went really well (Erik did the interview, and I think both he and Marty will be on the next DTTAH DVD), so expect that to be posted to the main site some time next week — and a big thank you to our archaeologist friend who came to check on us during the day (yet another reason to like Cambridge, but I'm sorry that in our tired states none of us can remember your IAM name right now).

In Cambridge

We're at an internet cafe in Cambridge right now, next to the Corn Exchange where we'll be doing the Steve-O interview. After that it's back to London, and then in the morning, back home.

Yesterday was Birmingham for the IAM meet where we met a pile of people including (I can't link because this keyboard is mislabelled and I have no idea where the quote is) Don, AndyRoo, bearcub, Bart, swirlywanx, etc… Then it was on to Norridge (again, I'm sure I've butchered that spelling — for all I know it's Norwhich) for Sarge and Vampy's suspension meet.

There were tons of people there, Mr.Me, twonorfolk, etc., and a photographer from a new bodmod site that spent quite some time slagging both me and Damien ( before he clued in to who I was (although all he figured out is that I worked for BME). We filmed I think six or seven suspensions before we had to leave (they continued into the night). The suspension that twonorfolk did was one of the more beautiful ones I'd seen in a while, and I'll save Marty's story for the video although you can go to his page (martini) for a short synopsis.

Then it was off to Cambridge where we met up with Gretel, titanium_angel, and some others at a bar they seemed to think was low-end but still had far nicer washrooms than any we'd seen in North America — they tell us it's because the British are chronically constipated.

A special thanks goes out to Alex/crazybrujo for things I can't mention here. Steve-O will be thanking him also ;)

Travel stress

I ended up leaving the more capable troops to deal with London today… I spent most of the day feeling really sick and after hopping off the subway to turn pale in a coffee-shop I retired… It's mostly dissipated right now, but there's still quite a bit of underlying pain. I've treated myself as best I can, as tomorrow morning we leave at 9AM and then have five or so hours of driving over the day.

I have to admit that I find both traveling and general environmental change very stressful, both physically and emotionally, and if it wasn't for the support of both the above and Patrick I'd probably have already run home to Rachel — I don't think I can adequately write here how much not only that I Love her, but how much I need her just to hold the fabric of my life together.

PS. That said, if I'm feeling a lot more sick tomorrow morning then I hope that I can make a tough decision in the right way, because the next three days are the toughest leg.

Oh, and I forgot just how nice it is to use IAM on a low-latency connection!

Off to bed now, I want to be well rested!

Off to London

Today is a pretty laid back day I think, heading downtown for a brief meeting and then just tourist stuff. Did an amazing interview yesterday about corsetry and neck stretching as well as some filming at a couple of stone circles and then fire stunts that you'll see in our preview trailer not long after I return.

Still miss Rachel like crazy though and am looking forward to getting back, but tomorrow we're heading up to Birmingham for a brief stop-in at the BBQ, and then on to the suspension party.