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More confusing?

OK, so the glue pictures below are pretty obvious, but here's a better one for you to pizuzzle for a while. Note: Adult picture, please only click it if you're of age. So do you know what you're seeing here?

Well then

These are some of the pictures in the new update (well, in the update they're bigger and in colour of course)… Thought some people might get a kick out of them. The question is: do you know what you're looking at?


I've gotten a fair chunk of hatemail recently… I'll quote a small part of the message from the person I'd mentioned earlier as it's just way too funny in its idiocy:

IAM and BME were started because of someones passion, not because they are a publicly traded company. I have no problem dishing out the cash for a $50 game because it's going to a company, not directly to some guy making games out of his basement. Herin lies the problem, you're making the rich richer, which is what the republican party does, and I for one do not support that in any way shape or form.

Seriously, what level of doublethink does it take to believe that contributing financially to big companies over small personal ventures is the socially responsible thing to do, and that it somehow protects the poor to make big business richer?

I got this message from a person who was removed for doing pretty much nothing but sending sleazy over-the-top messages to girls on IAM. He was reported by quite a few people for what amounts to online sexual harassment:

THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT AND YOU NO IT. i havnt sexually harrassed anyone. ive been here for 6 fucken years. re up my account. if not fuck it fuck you and fuck your hole site. were all goen to fucken hell and you want be able to kick me the fuck out there. so look for me to be kicken the shit outta you for the rest of fucken eternity real soon.

Yeah, I'm afraid the “I'm going to kick your ass when we're both in hell” threat isn't one that worries me too much… And I do find it immensely amusing when a user that's been on IAM for only a short period claims to have been here for six years — about four years longer than the site has even existed!

At Heathrow, just after getting off the airplane.

Does that sign say No photography?

And no, Marty didn't get arrested… for that!

No more science geeks!

Did you know that those nerdy kids (like me) that play with model rockets are potential terrorists? After all, they might use high power model rockets to take out airliners, or perhaps blow up the White House. As /. readers may have just seen, the Homeland Security bill threatens to shut down this hobby, and couriers are already being forced to stop transporting the supplies.

What's next? Banning matches?

More of the morning

I'll post some more with the interview, but here are a few quick stills from the Steve-O show in Cambridge. Please do not republish these!

I haven't done any writing like this in a week and a half, so I apologize in advance for it being one of the weaker pieces I've put together recently. Got to stay mentally fit!

I'll first mention something totally unrelated to war — a recent bill was just passed (more) in US Congress allowing non-organic meat to be tagged with an organic symbol. Basically the bill says that if a factory can show that it's more expensive to produce organic meat, that they can just label it as such and produce it any way they'd like. That is, assuming this bill doesn't somehow get blocked, there will be no way to tell if organic produce from the US is in fact produced on a high-chemical steroid-ridden factory farm!

Some of you may remember that the General Accounting Office filed a lawsuit against VP Dick Cheney over his extreme financial corruption. The Republicans responded by letting them know that if they proceeded with this lawsuit, their budget would be slashed as a retaliatory measure. No surprise, it's been dropped.

I've mentioned a few stories in the past about students being kicked out of school for being opposed to war — after all, war is the coolest — but this one is pretty lame. A picture that threatens the President, fine, but when you suspend a student for making a legal political statement, what message is really being sent?

Springer for President in 2012?

We all know that Bush enjoys killing (almost as much as he enjoys lying, and paying others to lie for him), be it murdering the mentally handicapped in Texas, or be it starving children in Iraq. Ashcroft as well seems to be just as bloodthirsty — the Boston Globe having dubbed him “Executioner Ashcroft“. Ashcroft has been overruling his prosecutors who don't seek the death penalty, and in one case even overruled a deal where a defendant offered to testify for the state in exchange for not being executed. TalkLeft has some more commentary and links on the matter.

Hello misinterpretation of the Old Testament!

I've got no problem at all with Christians, but I sure do have a problem with stupid hateful Christians… I wish they'd clue in — like all Judeo-Christian fanatics should — that these are religions of love and peace, not of revenge killing and self-serving murder.

I don't know how many people reading this can remember the build-a-bomb-shelter scare days during the Cold War, but is anyone getting a sense of deja vu?

With that idiot Horowitz calling for new “treason trials” for anyone promoting an anti-war agenda, numerous students point out the obvious: being anti-war isn't being anti-American… unless… America is war. If America represents never-ending war, then perhaps it's true. Which means… Anyone who tells you that it's unpatriotic to oppose war is in fact telling you that they believe in perpetual war (in order to support The Empire).

Along those lines, the US is pushing for new nuclear weapon technologies, ensuring that the danger we offer ourselves grows as we proceed through the 21st century. Aren't we already good enough at killing? Why focus our efforts there? Personally, if it was my decision, I'd suggest that we funnel our efforts into improving the world, rather than destroying it.

But that's just me.