Monthly Archives: May 2007


I (well, BME HQ) got a new camera today; a Canon Rebel XTI… I'll use it to take pictures of art and BME-related stuff, and Jon's going to use it for Fishing Fury — and finally I can get Phil to take a photo for Tristan because I'm dying for a portrait. I did some painting today (more just prepping a canvas really), made a big maze outside with chalk, and other fun stuff… and tomorrow is Nefarious's birthday party so it's a full weekend!

Yard Art

So my back yard was full of cigarettes that someone tossed off the balcony… So I mixed them, a whole lot of dirt, leaves, and other junk with a bunch of plastic resin and black gesso and coated the canvas. I'm not sure what I'm going to paint on it. Maybe a picture of the smoker, haha… That would be fun given the backing.

The front yard (ie. the driveway) is lots of fun too. We've been messing up the lane with chalk… When Nefarious gets up from her nap I figure we'll draw more. And yes, that's a beer. I have no idea if I can legally drink in the laneway but I don't really care.

Anyway…. Wake up soon sleepy!

Where are these magical mohawks?

I was reading this story about how the police in Iran are snapping down on “Western haircuts” as part of some “bad hijab” dragnet or something. The story is ridiculous, and the reporter is so clueless that they've apparently never heard of people spiking their hair into fauxhawks or whatever this is a reference to…

Man oh man… if they only knew how wacky teens in America are…

Advance tickets very soon

Watch your inbox this weekend for an invite and more details! Phil and I and others have been working hard to really put together a killer event. BMEfest and ModProm (and Hooker School and ModCon) should be really fun this year, and hopefully one of the more memorable ones yet.


I finished this quickie painting today — you may recognize the sketch that Nefarious drew for it earlier. It's a poster paint base with a thin polymer layer over that, and the top layer is standard acrylics on a 24″x48″ canvas.