Monthly Archives: May 2007

Car-parts V8 motorcycle…

I was doing a search for really simple 3-view diagrams of small block V8s and various transmissions (and didn't find any good ones, so feel free to out-GIS me and send me a link) and other profiles I need for quickly gauging the scale of the Snowrail components, and I ran across this bizarro DIY Russian motorcycle… Very “interesting” Frankensteinian creation!

Other than that, I was reading about how lesbians are significantly more likely to be obese. Assuming the sample size (6,000 women with I assume 500+ lesbians in the group) is big enough that the results are valid, it's kind of interesting. I would suspect there's at least a minor degree of chicken-and-egg… Lesbians are also statistically more likely to have a better body image in comparison to straight women, which suggests to me that males are the a primary factor in determining body image in women, and that when men are taken out of the equation, women gain weight because instead of someone saying “lose weight or I won't love you”, there's someone saying “I love you, not your body”?