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I've always been interested in X-planes (not UFOs; experimental aircraft)… The days of the really far out mass experimenting in planes are over, at least for now, but there's still some neat stuff going on such as new kinds of pulse jet research and even far out stuff like HAARP.

Anyway, since reading about that a few years ago, I've paid more attention to contrails and chemtrails, the “cloud trail” left by airplanes. These ones here aren't anything special, it was just really unusual (and pretty) to see so many of them crossing out here while still being clear. Within seconds of taking this photo the winds had eliminated them.

If you want to watch some scary news, follow this lawsuit (more details here). To put it simple, a significant and growing amount of elections in the US are probably rigged, and have been for some time. This is yet another nail in the coffin of truth that the US is unfortunately no longer a democracy… I understand that a lot of people have known that for a long time, but I hope that finally getting it out in public will help end that plague.

In equally unpleasant news, an alarming number of people are coming back from Iraq with brain damage, and Bush is instituting a gag order on more and more military-related reporting… Good-bye free press I suppose.

Norway rocks

Greetings to Håvve who just joined IAM. For those that don't know, he's one of the most talented performance artists currently working in the world (in my opinion). I have enormous respect for his work, and his recently published book which should be in BMEshop soon is incredible.

OK, I know Sweden isn't Norway, but Aftenposten is. The caption on this photo reads, “Elin Oxenhielm pointing to the second part of Hilbert's 16th problem on her web page.” Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's a chalkboard… Maybe they have really cool low-tech I/O devices in Sweden?

Death can't take what you've already lost

OK, so I really can't draw pandas. Maybe you can tell that's supposed to be a panda? It's certainly not very cute or happy or funny though. If you think you'd like to tackle a panda kid's club design, drop me or Ryan a line. It should be cute and happy, not stupid and boring like the one below.

What piercings do pandas have?

So much writing today! Obviously the APP report is up; I hope people enjoy that. Given my long and tumultuous relationship with the them I really didn't know what to expect when I went but it did end up turning out for the best. Which is always a good thing.

Liam's interview and article is written as well; I just need to do the layout and it can be uploaded (probably on Thursday or Friday it'll go live). I also received my copy of Rafti's ebook today which was rather interesting… It turns out that large sections of it are copied word for word from BME (stuff that I wrote for the glossary, BME/risks, and so on), but with my name removed and his name added as the author! I've sent off an interview to him, so I hope there's a good explanation given that at first glance it appears to be outright theft.

I know a lot of you want him ripped to shreds, but it's going to be a fair assessment, so we'll see what happens!

Risks feedback

BME/Risks constantly gets goofy stuff submitted to it. The signal to noise ratio on that site is obscene. At least some of it's funny… I think I've printed this one here before, but it's one of the best:

Risk name: Parents Kick Your Ass
Applies to: Play piercing

A minor gets a tattoo, piercing, or other visible mod. Parent notices; beats child severely. Possible grounding and isolation/promt and sometimes painful removal of the jewelry can also be expected.

Personal experience/word of mouth

Then there's this one from “Joseph Leonard Shaffer” who, after a little bit of fireplay, accidentally breaks his penis… He has some follow-up advice for himself also, and then a second message as well.

Risk name: Broken Penis
Applies to: Fireplay

I have tried to break my penis with a lot of force that i give I want my penis broken so I can't be able ejaculate I bend it back as far as it will go and twisting it but no cracking sound can i hit pretty hard with any hammer I am willing to take the risk because for some reason I want break my penis so I don't have to put up with it anr longer signed risk taker.

I stongly encourage myself to break my penis.

Risk name: Joseph
Applies to: CBT, penis

Details: I put a hot hair dryer to my scrotum until it really stretched totally sretched then i held it to my penis until it became really painful now both scrotum and my dick got really wrinkled big time and i don't regret it at all that i did it and i got it like really hot. oh yes i for got i keep cracking my penis and i can here it crack to until it hurt inside that is totally cool that i done these things. I would want to say something else i also hit my dick wit a hammer until it turned really black and blue you can i really wanted to break my dick big time and i am proud of doing so i know you wanted me to say it over the internet so said it. Oh jug my dick with a sraight pin and when i pulled it out the blood gushed out like a fountain from three different holes two that i made myself and out of the head i tell you i had a lot of cleaning up afterwards including my rag was soaked in blood.

References: I stongly encourage it because i am going to keep on doing it trust me.

I strongly encourage myself to stop reading messages from Mr. Shaffer… Hmmm… what's this? Mail from Mrs. Shaffer? I wonder where her advice falls? (The real punchline is that these messages came over a six month period!)

Risk name: Josephine Shaffer
Applies to: Suspension and pulling

skin tearing, bleeding to death even infection. it may the risk i am willing to take.

References: I strongly encourage myself to be suspended with hooks because it could be a great experiance for me.

Ah, I see. This entry has the risk of laughing, followed by urinating. It may be the risk you are willing to take? This next dude also had some difficulties with fire on the penis, but he's at least taking this all much more seriously.

Risk name: burnt penis
Applies to: Fireplay

when u light ur penis it will burn and be very pain ful for the person whos had it done. its is strongly advised thaat you do not do this as it might leave you with errection problems and soreness down below and repeated infections and sting like hell when u go 4a pee

This guy's got some drouble with “analboy”… A condition convenient for wanna-be marsupials.

Risk name: analboy
Applies to: Anal stretching

I stretched my anal so far it ripped. Now i can fit my dog in my ass

Alright, so maybe I don't want advice from a dude with a dog up his butt. Maybe I'm going to find it with the youth of today?

Regarding: Bone erosion from jewelry

The Freakin' Retard Should Never Have Gotten A 2Ga. Lip Peircing In The 1st Place!!! Idiot, That's Like, HUMONGOUS For A Chin Or Lip!!!

Take It From Me, I'm 12 Yr. Old, And I've Got 4 Peircings

This is all to confusing. What does it even mean?

Risk name: Jory
Applies to: Genital beading

Risk is the meaning of dangering.

Ahhhh… now I get it. So this is BME/dangering! Too bad this next guy didn't clue in to that… he thought it was a porn site.

Risk name: minum
Applies to: Breast torture

i do not know very well i just wan to see those pic

duno sex are humles i think

God, I love humles sex! Everyone's looking for pictures:

Risk name: Safety Pins
Applies to: Nose piercing

send me some imagens, to sick my rebel little girl

I've saved the best for last… This person says that BME/Risks is a scaremongering scam, and that the only risk of tongue piercing is having something you love in your mouth!

Risk name: having something you love in your mouth
Applies to: Tongue piercing

if you get your tounge pierced there is a very low risk of this happening! if u ignore all the "risks" u will love it---those so called "risks" are just things that parents made up to scare there kids aray from tounge piercings