Monthly Archives: February 2002

My supper

What do you do when you have nothing in your fridge except a two week old half of a green pepper and a white onion? Well, it seems to have turned out for the best. I cooked it up with almonds and some fresh garlic and ginger and banana sauce. I had a lot more I wanted to put in as well, but because I have no can opener, that plan fell through. Anyway, I ended up serving it with some nice red rice and it really was yummy.

Unless I've missed some, I've got fifteen more functions left to convert to the new database format. Then I relax for a short while, go to bed, and when morning comes, the site goes offline for 12-48 hours. If I don't get the update complete on the first day, there's a good chance that I'll at least be able to partially turn it back on (the view routines are much simpler than the edit routines).

However, if you have friends you want to keep talking to during those two days, you'd be advised to grab their email before then… Also, I'll do my best to post updates as to how it's going in the live chat. Odds are that if you drop in, the ops should be able to tell you the status.


The wall next to the computer is currently a collage of various new function references.

It looks good, but I think they messed up the resolution when they printed it, so the text is a lot smaller than I'd hoped.

I really like this shirt… (Ryan is annoyed because some of our best designs are the giveaways!)

Well, how about my distraction? You're looking at the single largest detrimental factor in getting my work done.

It looks good right? BMEshop has strict quality control, and we rejected it (don't worry, it's being reprinted, it's just a week or two delay).

These were the problems with the screen; only minor stuff, but we don't sell crap. That's why you don't see any of these $6 barbells and $2 rings on BMEshop.

I love getting surprises! This was from Cian in Ireland (I'm sorry, I've lost the link to his IAM page, but thank you!).

It's Oktoberfestbier. Don't blame me if the new IAM software is a bit funny.

The latest crap

Here's a story typical of the shit I have to deal with every day. Early last year, this guy sent me pictures of a girl with nipple stretchers — he claimed to be the photographer. Anyway, he got — and used — his membership, but then a little while later I got a message from someone at the same email address as him, freaking out.

They told me that the photos were sent without permission and that if I wanted to avoid getting sued I'd have to remove them immediately. They were of course removed, and I assumed that the story was done with.

Well, a few days ago I got another email from the guy telling me some porn site had stolen the pictures, gave me the address, and asked me what I was going to do about it. I told him there wasn't really anything that I could do about it, but recommended that he stop them legally if it concerned him (and I gave him their whois information).

Then I get a series of angrier and angrier messages blaming me, and now threatening me with a lawsuit if I don't stop them. I tried to explain to the guy that because he'd illegally sent me photos, and I had no legal claim to the photos (and was no longer even using them on the site), I didn't have any legal authority to go after this company, but he didn't seem to get it.


I'm working, so no text…
Don't look at the third picture if you like mice.


I'm bored (and hungry), and when I'm bored I think about shirts to do… I'm not saying any of these will be done (althought the new guess where shirt was by request), but maybe.

Oh, since it seems to be causing a little confusion — if you have reviewed 1000 experiences, you don't get just the shirt for 1000 experiences. You get the 500 and the 1000 — it's cumulative.