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The Obama Deception



I think this means she “gets it”

I’m generally an early riser, but Nefarious almost always gets up before me. Even though she’s just five, she’s pretty independent and able to amuse herself, so in the morning she plays, sometimes watches television, occasionally cooks herself breakfast if she doesn’t want to wait, builds, or draws. A few days ago when I got up, she excitedly brought me this piece of paper, and said, “I wish you’d gotten up to watch the sunrise… It was so beautiful that I drew it for you.”


Tangerine… duck?

Well, I’ve been away from the Internet for a while it seems. I finished off the book project and am now waiting to see a sample before I make it publicly available. I learned a lot from doing this project, and to be honest, I’m not entirely happy with many aspects of it and there’s a lot I’ll do differently on my next one to accommodate better for text and layout issues. Other than that, swimming, games, saw Watchmen (I liked it), and posted some “ducks”.

We went by the new studio that we’re moving into — many of you know it, as it’s the big studio that many of the Toronto suspension events have been hosted at — and started planning how we’re going to lay it out. Nefarious is quite excited about her big loft room that she can throw paper airplanes down from. I can’t wait to have a giant space to work in…


You chop small, you say your belly full.

Finishing off The Abyssinian Maid is what’s next for me.


I took out the “rainbow” type emanations of the music and replaced them with something that I felt was maybe closer to the sounds I imagine in this scene.


Continuing in my meme of mentioning what I think are underappreciated foods, I picked up one of my favorites today, ground cherries, when Caitlin and I went to the grocery store. I think we had these growing around my house when I was a kid, but I may be remembering that wrong… They have a powerful sour and sweet tangy flavor that’s completely addictive.

I watched Zeitgeist Addendum today. I had high hopes for it because I’m a big “fan” (if that’s the right word) of both John Perkins and Jacque Fresco, but I didn’t think the movie was as effective in communicating its message as the first one was (although I think it’s less “dubious” than the first one, which is a little too far out in conspiracy land). It’s worth watching, but won’t make any top docs list.