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More pinko propaganda

I'm not sure if it's right or not, but in CNN chat rooms, you can't mention Indymedia — if you do, it doesn't post your message publicly. Of course, you can't mention ABCnews or FOXnews either, even though CNN claims it encourages discussion about the news. I guess when CNN says “news” they mean CNN news.

More on the free speech news, professors with anti-war notions are being targetted by right-wing student groups. A spokesman for the group says, “We agree that everyone has the right to speak freely in this country, and thank God for that. However, these professors' comments seem to represent what most college professors believe — that America is at fault for the terrorist attacks.”

Uh oh! The smartest most educated people think that America is at fault! Better silence them!

The Afghan refugee camps contain about four million people, plus an additional seven million or so inside Afghanistan at the risk of starvation. The “war effort” is making it pretty much impossible to get food in (the US bombing of the Red Cross buildings isn't helping either). If the US continues its attacks and does not allow the food to get through does that make them guilty of causing a holocaust? I figure it does. I understand that war involves innocent civilian casualties, but when your civilian deaths outnumber your military deaths by a factor of a million to one or some ridiculous number, one must reconsider ones actions!

Even if you support the most sickening version of this war, realize that this is a war that the US can not win. Colonel David H Hackworth (decorated in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the US army's youngest captain and US history's most decorated war hero who became an anti-war advocate after denouncing the Vietnam War) is very clear on the US elite forces. “I would be reluctant to jump into a battle zone with any conventional American unit. I would hate to take them into battle – they ain't ready, they are not 'good to go'.” They are simply not trained, and can not be trained, for this battle.

I think we all know that the FBI was warned long before the 9/11 attacks that they were coming. More evidence is in on that. That said, big deal. It's not as if you can defend against a terrorist attack. It's not as if you can arrest and execute every terrorist. That's the whole problem with this current course of action. It creates an environment where terrorist attacks want to happen, but since it is impossible to actually stop most terrorist attacks, the end result will simply be more deaths.

There is one article I'd really like people to read though. It starts with Bush's quote, “If any government sponsors the outlaws and killers of innocents, they have become outlaws and murderers themselves. And they will take that lonely path at their own peril.”

Let's take a look at the US's School of the Americas, which has since 1946 been training terrorists (more than 60,000 of them) in things like blackmail, torture, execution and intimidation techniques. Why isn't the US carpet bombing Georgia?

Anyway, you must read this article.

I'm off now to pick up the TT (with it's new windshield), pay the dealership their miserable blood money, then drive up north (still on the spare) and get four Pirelli low-profile snow racing tires put on (thank God for being well enough connected to pay cost). When I get back I'll try and finish off the new experience engine so everyone can start playing with that.