"Find the load"

Every time that show runs I get a pile of email. Some from people inquiring about various things, others who want to save me. This next guy falls into the latter category. Let's take a quick look: I've spent the last six years of my life trying to make people happy, and trying to provide a home for people who are otherwise alienated. He was a professional killer, or at least employed in that industry. Who's going to be burning in hell? God says that if your body offends, cut off that part. God does not say though shall kill… when your government tells you to. I like the fact that he capitolizes “Active duty” but not “lord” — It's clear where is priorities are. This guy clearly had little to no religious conviction — he simply uses it as an excuse to be judgemental.

From: "Stephen D. Smith" <smithstephen@hotmail.com>
Subject: Your web Site
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 22:57:23 -0600

I saw your site from a TLC special and I must saw that you are very unique. I pray for you and I offer that you should stop what it is you offer and repent for your sins. Once you pass on to the after life you will be judged for your actions on earth. Please reconsider what you do!

Find the load, he is waiting for you. All you need to do is seek him out. The lord loves you and will not turn you away! Please...Seek him out.

I have gotten over hard times...I was Active duty army for 10 years and did allot...God was always there for me!

Bless you,

Weird World – Strange Medicine

I finally got to see myself on TLC last night, and I think it turned out remarkably well seeing as they really could have edited it into just about anything. That footage was all filmed in my basement about three years ago if I remember right. Thanks to the lighting it looks like I was being interviewed from my prison cell. The car shown is my Kelmark, one of the biggest deathtraps I've ever owned. If anyone wants it, I'd let it go for $4000 USD — it's a mid-engine V8 and will probably do close to 200MPH if you're insane enough. It does need work though. Note that due to US import laws, this offer is largely directed at Canadians.

Anyway, the show sort of had the feel of just having been cobbled together out of a bunch of odd clips they had lying around, but I really do think they presented everything quite fairly.


I don't mind getting mail like the one in the previous entry. But I got one today from a long-term BME member and supporter effectively blaming me for Mike's death. His claim was that IAM and the new forums don't let people get support like the old “The Wall” style BBS used to, so he wasn't able to work out his problems — this guy said that HE would have likely been able to solve it for Mike if the BBS had existed. Note that this is nothing new. This guy has been whining about this since the change happened — it's just now he had another dirty trick to try and get his way.

Obviously the claim is a load of crap. I think pretty much everyone agrees that IAM is drastically better at supporting it's members. I can't believe that someone would stoop so dispicably low as to try and blackmail me into making the chat the way they want it over a death. Mike's actions were his own, and I'm sure many of us can make a million what-if's that could have made things turn out better. But don't try and tell me that the reason he did it is because YOU didn't get what YOU wanted from me. Oh, wait, let me guess: Mike killed himself because I don't email you porn every day? Because I didn't send you a free t-shirt?

Because he has contributed to BME for years, I won't out his evil nature here, but I no longer consider him my friend and with that attitude, I hope he does not return here.

Quick funmail

I just got this one. If I'm to believe her, you all agree with her. Of course, I don't believe her… By the way, she runs the body modification web site that puts BME to shame. You probably haven't heard about it because it's exclusive to her and her uberfriends. I'm sure if you email her she'll give you the URL.

From: "_sapphire _" <twisted_angel21@hotmail.com>
Subject: wanna know what people are saying about your site?

you have ZERO taste. body mods are supposed to look good, not like... not like a fucking sacrifice to some aztec god! this is probably the rudest i can get (which is really sad), and i'm so sick of this! everyone i know that visits bmezine.com agrees: mods are supposed to enhance beauty, not distort it. faded/tacky tattoos, grotesque/badly done piercings, horrible art, porn, and more.

it's an embarrassment to people who have good body mods. i don't have any yet but i plan on getting my nipple pierced. i pray it won't turn out as hideous as some of the ones i've seen on your site.

by the way, this isn't just my personal opinion, it's shared by a LOT of people.



I just put the down payment on an Iron Horse Trike. The frame, front end, rear end, and floor will be shipped to me in about three weeks. I have a 400+ HP TPI 350 V8 waiting here to drop into it… It'll do zero to sixty in not much over two seconds. I'm thinking I'll drive out to the suburbs and humiliate the import racing kids. This thing is a beast. It's about fifteen feet long, seven feet wide, and has an insane power to weight ratio…