Well, in the daylight the tree damage really isn't so bad. I wouldn't be surprised if they just pull the dent out and repaint it (in “Yellowstone” as Mercedes calls it). Nothing internal is hurt, and only the hood, probably the easiest body panel to work with is damaged at all. So that's good news.

If the repair bill is just a few hundred dollars, I'll just swallow it I suppose. If it's more, I sue my neighbor who apparently is legally responsible. I suppose at least it fell on a car… It could have fallen on someone at a BBQ. Better a crushed hood than a crushed skull.

On Monday I'll take it in to the body shop that fixed my TT when William J Pugliese, Jr. of 20 Woodsend Crescent in Aurora, Ontario (License number P9140-78557-80103) smashed into it with his 1998 Dodge Durango. As far as I could tell he was drunk. He was arguing with a parking attendant (he didn't want to pay), and then the idiot put it in reverse instead of drive and gunned it, taking out the front of the TT in the process. Then he took off, so the police have charged him with hit and run — unfortunately they didn't catch him in time to nail him with drunk driving. I have to go to court this September about it. He claims he thought he'd “just hit the curb.”

Oh, my poor car!

I just went for a walk and when I came back I saw something horrible: A huge tree branch broke off the tree in my back yard and fell right in the middle of the hood of my Mercedes SLK 230… It's CRUSHED! Damn squirrels!

I'll take a more depressing photo tomorrow when it's light. At least it's insured…

Split tongues

It's amazing… When Eric and I and a small handful of people got this done only a few years ago, this was a totally freakish and unheard of mod. But now, it's one of the most common “heavy” mods out there. I have over 600 pictures of it on BME/extreme (in the surgical mods section)!

By the way, please do keep them coming… There are at least a few of you that have posted your tongue splitting pictures on IAM, but for some reason have chosen not to share them with BME… I hope that's just an oversight! Remember, posting your picture here doesn't mean that it'll automatically be on BME — you need to send it to submissions@bmezine.com

Jim Woodring

I just got two more pieces of Jim Woodring art in the mail yesterday and I thought I'd show you my small collection. The first two are originals, and the other three are limited edition lithographs.

If you don't already know his work, you should definitely check out his page and if it interests you, order a book. You will not regret it.

The unmodded aren't so bad

I got a very nice mail today… Normally the nice mail I get is from other modded people, but this time it wasn't. Stuff like this is just wonderful to get… Maybe it's a sign that the world is changing for the better.

From: missjanet@***
Subject: Supporting words

Hi glider,
I just wanted to write you some words of support, please excuse my english.
I'm a 37 years old german Hausfrau, no tattoo, no piercing no mods. When I accidently came to BME, i was pretty shocked at first. But it made me think about my own limitations and especially made me ask myself "Who am I to judge other peoples life?" Let me thank you for confronting me with that, I reconsidered and i learn. I'm one of the daily visitors now, and feel like a part of the community, a family of people who just want to have the freedom to do what they want. For the most part, it has been your hard work and your spiritual guidance (I found no better word) to form this community in it's unique way.I see BME as a refugium against the bullshit of racists, woman-haters, child abusers and general dimwits who crowd the net with their prejudging and stupidness. Thank you again, for the great page, your spirit and for not giving up.