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Elementary School Zombie Hunter Girls in Toronto

Here are some photos of myself, Nefarious, Cassie, and other zombies and zombie hunters and zombie enthusiasts at Thea’s latest Toronto Zombie Walk, to celebrate Romero’s new movie Survival Of The Dead. My makeup is all self done with a mix of latex, silicone, and regular makeup and stage blood, and the mask is a modified air filter with some metal mesh in it that’s been painted. I had a great time as always, as did the girls (it was Cassie’s first, and Nefarious’s second) and we were photographed and video’d like crazy, so if you see us anywhere, please send me the link!

Glendyn Ivin’s “Last Ride” at TIFF

Caitlin and I just got back from seeing Glendyn Ivin‘s amazing Last Ride (his first feature film, after being an award winning short film creator) at the Toronto Film Festival. It’s a very powerful movie — a much darker Australian road trip than the star, Hugo Weaving, had in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert — and you won’t regret it if you catch it on the 13th or the 18th (click that for tickets and a little more info on the story). I saw a lot of my own relationship with my father in the movie, and a lot of my relationship with Nefarious as well, and the movie hits you hard and gives you a lot to think about.

Here is Caitlin, surrounded by beards.


Sparkler Night

When we got home tonight, I gave Cassie and Nefarious a pack of cake sparklers to play with. They shared them with our neighbors (who are putting on a set of trapeze shows at the Junction Arts Festival this weekend — check them out if you are in the area), who in return shared two big sparklers… These are the long exposure photos I took of them.

A Busy Week

Sorry, I’ve been having so much trouble with my host, keeping my blogs online, even with the exorbitant hosting fees I pay them. I thought that when I left BME that Zentastic readership would slowly trail off as people lost interest, but I’m quite surprised to see that it actually climbs constantly and that it’s significantly higher than it ws years ago (and BME, conversely, has readership numbers that keep dropping and dropping, which I have mixed feelings about). My zombie disposal truck has been getting lots of blog attention on Digg and elsewhere (watch for it on Torontoist too), so that’s probably meant a little bit more load than usual as well. Caitlin got me this nice farm sticker for it.


So true! The other sticker is a fishing sticker, and although I don’t really fish, Caitlin took Nefarious on a fishing trip this past weekend and she (Nefarious, not Caitlin) caught, if I remember right, eight sunfish, more than anyone else. Catch and release; we didn’t eat them. But it’s enough that I don’t feel like so much of a fishing poser with the sticker… now I can just tell people it belongs to my daughter!

In vehicle news, after something like a month and a half of sorting out the logistics, the windshield for my Sterling should arrive tomorrow morning. The mechanical work is essentially done — I just got a great new exhaust system for it as well — so maybe I’ll actually get it on the road soon. It still needs to have a pile of bodywork done, and it needs a complete interior fabricated, which is probably the biggest piece of work. Fingers crossed the windshield won’t be cracked when it arrives.


My neighbor’s band (Effigy) is doing a couple big shows this month so they’ve been practicing like crazy. I’m not a big fan of the nu metal sound that they have because when it comes to metal I usually prefer either oldschool metal (Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Judas Priest, etc — stuff from my childhood) or oldschool deathmetal if it has to be something heavier… But they have been experimenting from time to time with a sort of psychedelic metal that reminds me of stuff like Praxis that’s actually not too bad to hear through the wall and I don’t mind hanging around for. That said, the girls are always desperate for the band to play because they know I’ll take them to the park. We took these “ghost pictures” the other night.


Oooooooh, scary! Love extended exposures.

Luckily they’ve been cool about wrapping up early so I’ve been able to get Nefarious to bed in time — since this is the first week of school there’s no more sleeping in and it’s important that she gets a full night. Last thing she needs is being tired and grumpy on her first week in a new class!

It’s been really nice for Nefarious being back at school, starting her first year of the three year lower elementary cycle in Montessori. I’ve already toured the school and met the principal of course, but today we had the first parents orientation night which was nice, getting to see the teacher and some of the other parents (a number of who I know from the Casa — kindergarten — program). I won’t ramble about it now, but I continue to be a strong advocate of the Montessori program for both academic and social development reasons. If any parents reading this have questions, I’m always happy to talk, so feel free to email me. Today when I picked her up from school, she was in the front foyer playing a game of chess with a much older girl, who I was happy to see her destroy, mwah haha hahaha! The coaching that my brother and I have given her in the game has obviously paid off.


I’m looking forward to tomorrow as well, because an online friend is flying in from an incredible distance because his film “Last Ride” is playing at the Toronto Film Festival and Caitlin and I are joining him for the opening. I’m also seeing Romero’s new movie Survival of the Dead on Monday which I’m also looking forward to greatly, and hopefully I’ll make it to the Zombie Walk this weekend as well. In TV world I’m looking forward to the Big Brother finale, and then the new Survivor as well as the new Ultimate Fighter Heavyweights show, which should be a good one.

Speaking of story telling, I’ve been writing a story called “Ariel Underground” about a little girl based on Nefarious that gets lost in an underground world and has all sorts of adventures. I’m four chapters in, and have been adding to it daily because it’s what we’ve been reading at bedtime — talk about pressure. I got a test domain (ooh, cool palindrome) over at Blue Host that I might post the story on, and, if I continue having problems here I’ll move the rest of my sites over there as well. Anyway, sorry for my absence. Finally, here’s a couple more pictures from the CNE:




See ya! Now Caitlin is “making” me watch the season premiere of 90210.

Oh, and I forgot… I’ve been doing some interviews for my memoirs, talking to friends of Jason‘s to try and really understand him. I think that the best way to do someone justice is to tell their story accurately. It’s been both difficult and nice, trying to see clearly, both on this venture and on life in general.

Murder by The State

The only statement I want to make is that I am an innocent man convicted of a crime I did not commit. I have been persecuted for twelve years for something I did not do. From God’s dust I came and to dust I will return, so the Earth shall become my throne.

Intense and upsetting.