Monthly Archives: July 2009

Another nice full day

Nefarious hung out with reptiles and amphibians today, with many animal visitors coming to her camp.

I dozed off a bit at first, but I did still go to the park and do a little writing this afternoon, and after I picked Nefarious up from school we went and got her friend Cassie and went to the park to have some ice cream and play. When they got tired of the play area we went on a loooooonnnnng hike through the forest, on particularly overgrown and steep paths.   …more of that continues after the break…



The Scary Chicken Story

This is from a letter I sent Nefarious earlier this summer when she was visiting LA (I didn’t save the text, thus it’s in picture form). It’s written in simple English to make it easier for her to read, but it’s a story that she loves to be told and I’ve told it in quite a few different variations…

A Waking Life?

I took the picture below — “fallin in and out a reality” — at the park today where I went to write. I got an HP Mini 1000 (chosen mostly because I found its keyboard easiest to type on) so that I could write outside the house, away from the distraction of the Internet and the television which makes self-regulated work by weak-willed individuals such as myself difficult. So I go to the forest and sit on a fallen tree trunk instead of my comfy couch, and I get much more done.


Big Wheels

Some of my neighbours had their penny-farthings out today…


DOT Approved

I splurged today and finally ordered the windshield and some assorted parts for the Sterling. On Monday I’m going to roll it over to the body shop next door for a little work. I have to admit that going to school all day is a little more draining that I’d expected so I’m asking for help on the Sterling so it doesn’t become a stalled project… I’m really dying to get it on the road.