Monthly Archives: May 2009

More boating test photos

You’re likely bored of it by now, but Caitlin took these pictures of Nefarious and I testing out the flotation qualities of the Minimax… I like the photo of Nefarious’s little boat in our boat, and also the pictures of us taking turns paddling. It was also a lot of fun pushing her out into the water and letting her paddle back to shore. I realize this is getting repetitive, but I can’t wait until the engine is installed. I’ve already got boat #2 designed, and I’ve done everything from the point of view of someone with no construction experience (simple shapes, limited tools required, uniformity of fasteners, etc.), so I’ll be posting plans and instructions which I hope will be quite useful.

Boat Test: Success!

We headed down to Cherry Beach today and put the boat in the water to see if it floats… success! Everything went well, and my roof rack worked nicely also. So next it’s time to pick up an engine and really start having fun. It’s amazing by the way how many people come up and ask me, “is that a Sea Flea?” Everyone seems to have a memory or a story from their youth about them.




Pink Boat

I painted Nefarious’s toy boat for her with glitter paint sides…

Roof Mounted Boat

The roof rack is built, and the boat is loaded onto it, a task which I did all on my own — it’s really a very light vessel. Tomorrow I’ll drive it down to the beach and give it a floatation test, and then if that goes alright, I’ll add an engine! And now on to the least pleasant part of my day — dealing with the too large pile of dishes that I’ve allowed to accumulate.

A sad story involving birds

I’ll spare you the gory dissection photos, but Nefarious and I found a couple of tiny dead chicks in the alley. We cut one of them up and identified what anatomy we could — including its tiny little heart. I assume by now the bodies have been devoured by one of the many cats that patrol our neighborhood.

Living here has been really great, not just because I like the space, but because of the community of people who live in this building. Almost everyone is very friendly and we’ve gotten to know far more people than anywhere else we’ve ever lived… The reason we discovered these birds is actually because Nefarious was hanging out at the end of the lane watching our next door neighbour teaching his Jeet Kune Do class… The light sparring/practise sessions completely entranced her for nearly an hour.