Monthly Archives: March 2008

"Sort Of" Back

As of now I'm resuming my role as the admin of IAM as well as having access to my regular blogging here again which I've missed a lot. I have a number of technical issues still to address before I am fully back, which of course I will post here in detail as they affect everyone.

Also, in terms of administrative issues I'd like to mention:

  • To avoid confusion, all pending events have been cleared. Any events that are still being hosted should be re-added now.
  • All IAM.Pro issues have been moderated.
  • I consider TOS issues from the last four months clean-slate as of right now. That is, past issues are not going to be followed up, unless they continue, and I certainly have no grudges to act out. New and still-problematic TOS worries can be reported in the usual fashion.
  • All of my incoming iam.alive messages have been deleted so if you have a pending message to me, please re-send it.
  • Please do not hesitate to write me about both technical support issues and feature requests.
  • Most importantly: I am currently bound by various “no talking about it” legal restrictions. So please don't ask me about the last four months, because I can't tell you. When it's appropriate and permitted I will be happy to do so at length, but for now it's legally counter productive, and to be honest, with BME, ModBlog, and now hopefully IAM getting back to normal, I'd really rather focus on the positive.

In terms of what I can talk about, I've been doing lots of painting, Caitlin and I have found many things that look like ducks (and made more money than you'd guess from GoogleAds on that site), and doing a ton of ice skating, building, reading, cooking, playing, and painting with Nefarious. Thank you to everyone has been supportive, and like I said, I look forward very much to things getting back to normal.

I'll be back fully in a few days if not sooner.