Monthly Archives: April 2007

Alligator Rescue

So this is a speed doodle and painting that I did based on a dream that Nefarious had about an alligator that fell out of a tire swing, broke his leg, and had a tow truck take him to the animal hospital. Just a fast fun weekend project…

How old am I now, four years?

This painting will probably get finished tomorrow. It's just for fun so I'm blasting it out quickly. If I can I want to do some framing tomorrow, but I think I might wait until later in the week because I need to clear out my garage, which would give me space to cut up some wood… I have so many unframed paintings and even a simple frame makes things look so much nicer.

I am "rated R for brutal violence"

It's a pretty goofy picture of me so don't make fun of my bug-eyed expression, but if you want to see where we're at with the tattoo you can click through. It'll look more pronounced in a week when it's healed and the shading is more apparent. I have to get a very scarred old tattoo hit with a laser before we move on to my sleeve — if anyone wants to suggest a cheap but effective place in Toronto for removal, drop me a line.

By Shane Faulkner, King of Fools, Toronto, based on artwork from Tom of Finland and BME/HARD.

Other than that, Nefarious told me she had a dream last night about an alligator getting pulled to the vet by a towtruck — the alligator fell out of his tire swing and broke his leg… So we primed a canvas and after her nap I think we'll paint that.

It's a boy!

So as I'm heading off to get tattooed, I got a text message from a 519 phone number. All day long I was convinced it was a wrong number, and I wasn't sure if I should message back with that… Anyway, when I got home, I was reminded that I do know some pregnant folks in 519 (click through to congratulate).

Yeah, I don't get a lot of text messages.

And I got a really crumpled up postcard in the mail yesterday… You can click it to find out how it got crumpled. I have to admit that I'm kind of curious who sends me these anonymous cards from BC. I'm thinking it's a very scary lumberjack dude with effeminate handwriting…

Well, off to the park shortly!

Tattoo Day

I spent the afternoon and evening getting tattooed by Shane at King of Fools. Because it's skin tones over the shading, I'm going to wait a week to post it, but we finished 95% of the chestpiece. In June we redo my collar and then start on my left sleeve (which will give us the information we need to finish the rest of the chest). Saira stopped by and snapped this photo on a break (we'd just started when this picture was taken).