Monthly Archives: July 2003

Allright, look out

It took some fighting for some strange reason, but all the latest security patches appear to now be installed successfully… Sorry for the momentary downtime.

I'm sick
I'm so sick
Of getting sick
Everytime I lose my connection
I'm tired
So tired
Of getting up in the morning
For that long uphill walk
To the methadone clinic
There's gotta be an easier way

Now hold on a second
This is burning
There's a change coming
My blackened spoon
I suggest to you
And it takes five seconds
Just five seconds
To put a morphine suppository
All the way inside

Brothers and sisters
You know what I'm talking about
I'm talkin about a full on

Even less exciting…

I've built a flexible engine for doing the logical compares on user sets. For example, the comparison below tells us the financial situation of all men except for those who identify specifically as gay (ie. all users AND men NOT gay):

Much better off -   78 ( 6.73%)       Better off -  311 (26.83%)   About the same -  475 (40.98%)        Worse off -  244 (21.05%)   Much worse off -   39 ( 3.36%)

On the other hand, here's where specifically gay males (ie. all users AND men AND gay) ranked on that:

Much better off -    8 (08.16%)       Better off -   35 (35.71%)   About the same -   35 (35.71%)        Worse off -   17 (17.35%)   Much worse off -    2 (02.04%)

I think I'm probably not doing more on it today, but now that the grunt work is done (I've only shown a bit of it here; you can also do wildcard compares and a pile of other stuff that may or may not be useful), I'll write a nice interface for it so you can start to play with it and exploring it.

I kind of wish I had a control set to compare it to though!

Boring stuff…

I'm going to go for a walk; I have something like two pages left in my “big book of bme ideas” and will fill it with notes (handwritten) on how to best store the results from the survey as something that I can very quickly parse… And then I'll whip together the logic routines (basically some fast way of doing boolean math on large datasets) and then patch it into the display routines.

Kooky news: Apparently the reason that Bush used “nuclear fuel from Nigeria” as the final rallying call to trick Americans into supporting war was because it was “the only publicly unchallenged evidence they had” (the CIA had told Bush it was a lie, but that wasn't well known in the international media, so they thought they'd get away with it).

PS. Anatomy of a liarpathological liartreasonous liars


Not sure if anyone's going to WEMF — a ginormous electronic music festival — this year, but they recently changed their venue to Trudeau Park, which is just down the street from here where BMEfest was held. Anyway, if you're going, drop me a line.

Strangely Tweed's got a lot more going on than people give it credit for I think…


OK, I've got it spitting out pie charts (not that I'm doing anything but plugging into a Java module that I didn't write)… Upping it to other charts is easy. Tomorrow I'll focus on writing some code to (a) store all this data in an efficient format, and (b) do proper AND/OR searches and compares and all that.

But in the mean time… let's try and answer the age old question of who's better: girls or boys. I'd say that the data indicates what all women know: boys are crap and girls rule. Heh. Anyway, here's some charts. Don't take them too seriously.

Female Response
Male Response
“War is murder, war is ignorance?”
Guys are a lot more likely to support killing as a solution.
“Homosexuality is normal and should be supported in young people?”
Guys are a lot less likely to support freedom of sexual orientation as “natural”.
Have you ever been raped?
Women are a lot more likely to be sexually victimized than men.
“Prostitution should be legal?”
Men seem to want give the “right” of prostition a lot more than women want to accept it.
How often do you visit IAM?
Women spend more of their online time on IAM.
Sexual orientation?
Women are a lot more likely to blur the borders of their sexual orientation.