Monthly Archives: October 2010

Now to start collecting many small objects to store

I am extremely displeased with my most recent hospital visit, to say the least, but the one good thing about it is that I’ve been escalated a level in terms of the “expert” seeing me, although it does force me to travel because he’s about an hour outside Toronto. There are not many muscle-disease specialists around here I guess. In any case, here’s the lastest bowl that I made to add to my now growing collection of small wooden bowls. I made it out of less than twenty five cents worth of materials — some scrap lumber (thus the indentations and imperfections in the wood, which actually look pretty nice once sanded with 600 grit), a little olive oil, and glue (and some sand paper I suppose). I find making stuff like this really relaxing and therapeutic, although the strain of making it is not insubstantial and I do pay for it a little.

As a sneak peak, you can click here for a preview of the soap molds I’m working on, in very very rough form just to show the direction I’m moving in. I started with the intent of making something with an alchemical vibe to it, but ended up with something that’s moving in more of a Cronenberg direction. I’m honestly not sure what my intentions are with all this, whether it’s just a personal project for myself and friends, or if I’m going to do some limited runs of these things and sell them here via PayPal, or on Etsy, or whatever (and of course it’s really good quality soap)…