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God bless the USA

I think that parts of the freestyle may have been muted because of last night’s tragedy in which a boy was killed by debris at a monster truck show — or it was just build up for Gravedigger — but Nefarious and I had a good time at this afternoon’s Monster Jam at the SkyDome… It was fun riding the subway there too because every subway car — more and more the closer we got to Union Station — seemed to be full of kids headed toward the event.

The Sea of the Sacred River Alph

I’m not done with the Abyssinian Maid yet, but I’m starting on another painting for the Kubla Khan book, and just finished roughing it out. I’m sure it will still change significantly but this is the foundation it’s being built upon. This is for the part of the poem that goes (in bold),

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree:
Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
Through caverns measureless to man
Down to a sunless sea.

If you’re wondering about the skulls, this is from later in the poem;

Then reached the caverns measureless to man,
And sank in tumult to a lifeless ocean:

So, of course, it’s a dead underground sea fed by the sacred river Alph.


Shirt Designed by Nefarious


Crayon Physics

Small parts of my region of Toronto are still without power — unpleasant, with the cold weather we’re having! We drove Caitlin most of the way to work since the subway around here was closed, and it was really odd seeing what had power and what didn’t — the grid is a really chaotic structure I suppose. We also had a major fire alarm (with fire engine and all) here today because some of the pipes froze during the night since there was no heating in the building, and when the system started up again they busted and blew out enough steam to trigger the alarms. Very annoying since it meant a high volume siren playing over the building-wide intercoms for 20 minutes.

I wasn’t sure if she’d “get” it, but I got Nefarious playing Crayon Physics (I have the full game — it’s totally fun) today… I was amazed that she was completely able to solve even the more complex physics puzzles and had a great time doing it. Plus of course it’s a game that’s good mental exercise… It’s always a crapshoot which games will be a hit. Because her hand-eye-mouse-gamepad coordination isn’t the greatest yet, that tends to be much more of a limiting factor than game complexity, which I’ve found isn’t really an issue (and modern games are pretty well designed and have intuitive interfaces).

I did a little more work on “The Abyssinian Maid” as well.


Power Outage

Last night at about 10pm the power went out for large parts of Toronto — I don’t know yet why — and didn’t turn back on here until about 7am. Nefarious’s school is still without power so that’s been canceled for the day, which sucks because I was going in for pizza day. But it’s a good weekend — Nefarious has trapeze class and a friend’s birthday party, and then we’re all going to the monster truck rally, woo woo!

Before the power went out last night I drew these two shirts, just for fun.

shirt-invis shirt-ari