Monthly Archives: November 2008

Sledding Season Begins!

Since we had a nice little snowfall today and it was cold enough to stay on the ground, Nefarious and I did some evening sledding as the sun set behind the hill. We sprayed the bottom of our two-person inflatable sled with Pam, so we built up serious speed and had some equally serious wipe-outs, with each of us rolling head-over-heels and landing in the thistle patches at the bottom… Then some snow angels and a big lasagna supper.

The perfect day, and it gets better — I am 99.9% finished with the interview book project, so I actually think I’ll be able to post that for sale and download later today! Check back! This means that it will be ready in time for Christmas as well.

Too much Quark, and not the DS9 sort

I’ve been working like a madman to get all these old interviews compiled into a book, and it’s going quickly and very well. It’s currently running a bit over 450 pages, but the good news is that it may still come in at under $20 because this is a black and white project since it’s almost all text. I was really surprised it was that long — 450 pages of small type (and I’ve left out quite a few interviews as well to put in a future book)! My hope is to have it up within the week.

Went to Rain Forest Cafe yesterday, giving in to someone’s excited “can we sit by the elephants” begging… this is her best “they’re so scary” face. As if she’s scared of anything!

It’s finally starting to get a little colder here. Snow falls every few days, but it’s still not cold enough for it to stay unfortunately… Nefarious and I are dying to go sledding, since the place we moved to is literally right next door to the best sledding hill on this side of the downtown. I love going to the park in the winter too because it’s pretty much empty so we can mess around in whatever nutty way we want without bothering any other parents.

Lulu Calendar Quality Review

I just got a copy of the 2009 art calendar that I’m selling (although this one is 2008, but that’s another — and a corrected — story). I wanted to post quickly about it for people thinking either about ordering mine, or even making one of their own. Briefly: DO IT!!!

The calendars are absolutely huge, with crystal clear printing (nice and bright, although not over-saturated, with deep blacks) on seriously thick textured linen paper. They’re really gorgeous. When I did it up, I was like “who’s gonna pay $29.99 for a calendar?”, but now that I’ve seen how stunning they are, I think it’s worth every cent.

Here are some high res photos.

Working on the book

So I’ve been pounding out layout on the book of interviews that I’ve done. I suppose there are three books on the way — one that’s all my past interviews (other than male genital oriented ones), one that’s all my past essays and articles, and the new book that’s all interviews on male genital mods. I’m quickly whipping together the first two because they’re relatively minimal work to get done. I’ve got about 160 pages of the interview book done so far, and I figure it’ll at least double when I’m done — probably it’ll be about 400 pages! It’s been really fun re-reading all the old interviews (they’re from 1995 through 2008).

Meester, snyt die keye ras!

This morning I had a doctor meeting to discuss the pros and cons of a RAK amputation, and speaking of removal of bits of the body, I mostly finished off The Cure of Folly last night… Here’s where I’m at with it right now. This was a quick painting that was a lot of fun to do and I’m pretty happy with it…

This weekend the folks from BME finally completed deleting the vast majority of my articles and interviews from the site, so I think that gives me the push I needed to get them collated into book form… Perhaps narcissistically, as the author, I think they still have some value and I’d like to see them available. So watch for those soon, although I can’t promise they’ll be ready in time for Christmas. I think I’ll just assemble it as a black and white book, so it should be inexpensive this time.